REPORT: Crosby will look to play in Europe if NHL lockout “goes long.”

First Malkin, now Crosby.

According to this report in the PG, Crosby will look to play in Europe if the NHL lockout  "goes long."

"If, at one point, there's a lockout and the lockout goes long … Sidney wants to play hockey," Brisson said. "Of course he would consider alternatives."


In addition to a great,  " that's what she said," statement.  The phrasing," goes long," is interesting. We assume that means a canceled season at this point.

And what league would Crosby play in? One would think the KHL but who knows.

The release of this statement comes at an interesting time as well. The NHLPA hasn't responded to a a counter-proposal yet, and some think the counter offer is whatev.

The lockout is set to begin on September 15, if the sides don't come to an agreement.