REPORT: Crosby Camp responsible for Rossi ousting [ UPDATED ]


According to multiple sources, Rob Rossi is no longer the Pittsburgh Penguins beat reporter at the Trib. This may be stemming from an controversial radio appearance on WXDX this summer.

During said radio appearance, Mark Madden and Rob Rossi are believed to have called out Sidney Crosby. The podcast was taken down from The X's page shortly after it was posted and has been swept under the rug.

Some posters summarized the Madden rant here:

There is a summary somewhere on LGP of the Rossi/Madden interview, as well. If someone digs it up, let us know.

Basically, this radio appearance over the summer began driving a wedge between the Penguins, Crosby's camp, and Rossi, which has only grown worse.  Rossi has been replaced by Josh Yohe at the Trib.

Go Pens


Multiple sources also report  that Rossi was involved in a shouting match with a team official shortly before being relieved of his duties.