Reliving the 2012 playoffs: GAME TWO


Original recap posted on Saturday April14



It almost seemed like it wasn't real. It can't be. We've all watched the Penguins all season long.  Not even at the lowest point of their season did they look as bad as they did on Friday night.  This was a 50-win team. A team that was 32-0-4 with the lead going into the third period.
There are no answers. Only a long summer of questions ahead if something doesn't get fixed. There is no logic to what we are seeing. None.
We weren't there when the Titanic went down, but this scene accurately depicts this series:


That one dude even looks like Letang. kdmklmlk

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–What or who is making this happen?  It's a combination of a lot of things.  But it has tons to do with Laviolette.
Talbot and Laviolette are probably rooming together as Laviolette siphons out every detail of Bylsma's system.  Laviolette has planted the Flyers in all the right places on the ice.  It's actually kind of scary.
The Flyers have used everything to their advantage in this series. The hate of Jagr and Talbot, the underdog role, etc. Passionately yet tactfully, Lavvy has dismantled the Penguins. Look at this video from the first intermission:


Just seems way more involved.
–The Malkin chirping has officially begun.  
If the Pens had won these two games, we would all be pumped the Pens are winning with some secondary scoring and saying that "Malkin will come around."  The Pens definitely aren't hurting for offense.  Laviolette has done a masterful job of eliminating Malkin.  Crosby, meanwhile, is chipping in with goals, albeit early first-period goals.
The defense has completely betrayed the Penguins.   It's something you can't even begin to argue.   The Flyers are capitalizing off mistakes the Pens make, and they are making a shit ton. Example: last night, Martin and Letang both skated up the ice with the puck still in their zone. Flyers broke up a pass, and they had a 2-on-0 down low. No focus at all.
Letang, for the second straight year, has shown no composure. None.
He has to be so fun to play against. You probably say something about his hair and he freaks out.
–Fleury is not making THE save.  The defense has turned in a horrible performance thus far, but that doesn't give a goalie with Fleury's track record a Get Out Of Jail Free card.  He's shown in the past that he can steal a game or make a clutch save at a crucial time.  It just hasn't happened this series.  It's something the Pens have needed.
And the Flyers have gotten the save from Bryz.  He made two last night. One on Letang:
And he made another huge save on Sully late.
–At least the power play started making some moves.
–Claude Giroux. Holy shit.
–Flyers signed Double J for the goal he scored last night.
–Bylsma has to do something. 
He's all about the Pens getting to their game, and it works more often than it doesn't.  But he doesn't have a secondary system to turn to when things simply aren't working?  Or at least tweak the gameplan to adapt to what the opposition is doing? He has to be smart enough to identify the problem and not be too proud to switch his thinking.  We hate pointing out problems but not providing a solution.  It's a dick thing to do.  But if we had the solution, we would be coaches in the NHL. 
–The Pens are on track to be unceremoniously bounced from the playoffs for the third straight season under Bylsma
–The Pens are now 1-5 in playoff games at CONSOLTheir only win came in Game One against the Lightning last season.  Not sure that was even a game.  Going further back, the Pens lost Game 7 at home against Montreal.  The Pens need the road.
–No rest for the weary.   Pens got an afternoon game coming up on Sunday.  Series could be over by Sunday night.  Or there will be a pulse. it isn't like the Penguins are getting blown out. 
–You may still be jammed up about this game.  We are, too.  We'll feel better as game time for Game 3 approaches.