Rejected NHL12 Features

Every year, EA Sports releases a new version of their NHL series.  Over the past few years, the versions for XBOX and PS3 have become award-winning titles.   They established a solid base of gameplay back in 2006 or something and have compounded upon that year over year.
They've gradually included things such as:
-Real-time physics.
-Be A Pro mode, where you play as a single player throughout a career.
-Be A GM mode, where you're a GM and can either sim a couple seasons or play the games while being the GM.
-EASHL, where you can play with friends online as a team against jokes from Sweden.
There are a dozen or so more of these little improvements that have slowly molded the NHL franchise into what it is today.
But every year, they also have to reject certain features in the game.
And we have that list for this year's game…

It's Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  You worked hard all year to gain home-ice advantage for this game.  Losing this game on home ice is embarrassing.  Rather than simply moving on to the next season in Franchise Mode, NHL12 gives you the chance to take out your angst on the streets of your hometown.  If you're losing in the third period, you can select the Accept Defeat option from the in-game menu.
This takes you outside your arena, where you can begin wreaking havoc and looting local stores.  Button combinations will allow you to overturn police cruisers, start fires in the middle of intersections, and smash storefront windows.  If you survive 15 minutes of this without being apprehended, you can go for it all with the Make-Out Mode.  Battle your way through riot cops to reach a wounded girl lying in the street and, if you've conserved your energy level, you can give her the business when you reach her.  No matter what you do in this mode, though, it doesn't change the fact your team choked on home ice.
In the all-new Media Mode, the pen is in your hands.  Start rumors of locker rooms being divided, hold grudges against certain players, and, if you've got what it takes, you can even unlock the Force The Team To Hold A Meaningless Press Conference About An Injury feature.  If you select a Canadian team to cover, you will have your hands full. In Canadian Media mode, you inherit Darren Dreger's Twitter account and have to shoot down anyone else who comes up with an opinion other than yours.
Is your team in the midst of a losing streak?  Is there no vocal leadership in your locker room?  NHL12 gives you full control of your locker room with Grab Your Sac mode.  Step into your locker room as an assistant coach who was a fringe player in the '90s.  Tell your team to grab their sac.  Unless executed perfectly, your team will go on to give up unlimited goals during the remainder of the game.
We strive for realism at EA Sports.  We know that the majority of in-game producers in the United States don't realize the game action should speak for itself.  Well, if you're playing as an American team, we've added the Root Sports mode.  In NHL12, your gameplay camera angle will be subject to randomly cut to shots of little girls with their faces painted in the stands or even ads for other shows on the network.  Fight through the frustration as you miss out on a key faceoff in the offensive zone.  Real Time Root™ will also subject your camera to unnecessarily zoom in on a player leading a 2-on-1 rush and you'll get to miss out on watching the play develop.  It's In The Game™.
NHL12 will give you the chance to disgrace yourself in the Lowell MacDonald Mode™.  Sit down in the producer's chair and hold back indisputable evidence of a goal being scored against your home team.  High-five yourself after the game thinking you got away with it then be forced to resign from your position…only to be re-hired the following season.
NHL 12 takes you inside the mind of Max Talbot in this mode. Skate around aimlessly and look for women in the stands to flirt with instead of playing hard.  If you score a couple big playoff goals, you can ride that for the remainder of your contract. This feature also allows you to seek out low-budget companies to do commercials for and show off your big personality. Unlock bonuses like banging a chick in the alley behind Mario's on the SouthSide if your Talbot Mode player scores a goal.
A new feature in NHL12.  Go to your Settings>Visual>GameplayCamera menu.
Selecting Crosby Cam gives you a gameplay view from the press box.
If its in the game, it's in the game with NHL 12. And with the all new Matt Cooke Mode™, you see how far you can push the limits of the rules of hockey. The more wild elbows and cheap shots you can throw, the higher your Alienate The Fanbase Meter goes. Reach complete Alienation, and you can play yourself off the team.
We at EA Sports have come up with an algorithm that basically guarantees that your team will falter before reaching the Conference Finals.  In a groundbreaking collaboration with the EA Sports Tiger Woods franchise, upon losing in the playoffs, you will be able to play 9 rounds of golf in a demo game.
In this mode you take over an NHL team. But be careful. When you lose your main stars, all the options become grayed out and you can't make any in-game adjustments or practice essential things like the powerplay.
*Only available if you play as the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Special thanks to some folks on Twitter for some of these ideas.