RECAP: The Girl With The Jimmy Howard Tattoo. PENS LOSE.


This was one of those games that just had bad news written all over it. If you've been around an NHL season enough, you knew it. The Pens are worn down with injuries, and the Red Wings are still the Red Wings.
The 4-1 score is actually a little unfair because this was a one-goal game until late in the third.
Malkin had more shots than some battalions in the Civil War got off. He was flat-out brilliant. Unfortunately he can't do it all himself. Jimmy Howard made some big-time saves, MAF held on for as long as he could.
Some notes:
  • Anthem via Theresa V

  • Turning point blog. Howard made a huge stick save on Malkin:

To set the stage, Malkin had just scored to end the first period, and the Pens got a powerplay early in the second. Malkin did PCP in the locker room and was everywhere. Howard made this save, and that must have woken the Red Wings up.
Neal just missed too.
  • Great battle all night between Datsyuk and Malkin.
  • Pens had plenty of chances. Malkin hit a post somewhere in there.
  • Is there a team that gets away with more subtle penalties than the Red Wings? Almost forgot about that.
  • Pens still had a few powerplays.
  • The Wings defense is softer than Charmin. Pens were entering the zone with ease, but they couldn't get shit going.


Five minutes into the third period, Pens take a penalty.
Root Sports goes to a commercial, all of sudden the next thing everyone sees is MAF skating to the corner, and the score flip to 2-1 Wings.
ROOT sports missed the goal.
Here is why… they don't know the rules.
Television timeouts are taken at the first stoppage of play after 6, 10, and 14 minutes of elapsed time unless there is a power play or the first stoppage is the result of a goal scored. In these cases, the timeout will occur at the first stoppage after the penalty expires or the next stoppage after the goal, respectively
Some other thoughts:
We've seen the word discretionary thrown around as well.
If anyone knows anything differently let us know. ROOT sports needs to address this, but they won't.
Any missed goal is 100% unacceptable.
It can't happen. ROOT Sports gets off the hook for every mistake they make because they are the only broadcast in town.
So really, they won't learn. We've accepted that, it is a joke, but we've accepted it.
You can't miss goals though. Embarrassing.
Go to hell.