Winnipeg has lost their last two games.
The Pens won last night.
That's a 6-point swing in the magic number.
Dealing with Winnipeg and now Buffalo.
Is there a term for the Penguins under Bylsma in March? The last couple of years it has been cruise city in March. Really remarkable. Last night was no different. The Pens didn't play their best, but they trucked onward.  A lot of talk about this game being an example of clutch and grab old NHL shit. Honestly, didn't think it was that terrible. Refs let both teams play, in our opinion.
Some notes:
  • Ed Jovanovski and Mikael Samuelsson. What dickbags
  • This game was a great example of the maturation of Simon Despres. He made some subtle mistakes, but, man, is he going to be good. Looked like his confidence was up big-time coming through the neutral zone. Really excited about his future
  • Brian Strait, too.  Solid.
  • Matt Niskanen has become very dependable, as well. Never saw this coming.
  • Dupuis had a disallowed goal. Dupes-Staal-Sullivan is legit.
  • Full-blown slump for James Neal.
  • MAF, again, made several big saves to keep the Pens in it.

Some video via PensAreYourDaddy:


After readmore, we break down our CEC experience.

It's the first game one of us had been to in a long-ass time.  The best way to assess progress or changes in something is to have some time away from it, like we have had. 
-The main thing is that it is still a hockey game that you're going to, and all the sightlines in the arena are amazing.  Nothing to complain about it in that area.
-We rail on Pens fans for making CONSOL seem so quiet.  But that's not to say everyone is sitting on their hands.  People routinely try to get shit going with chants and whatnot.
-Sooooooo loooouuuuudddd.  We would bet our bank accounts that the Penguins pipe sound into the speakers, whether it be during the MAKKKEKEEEEE SOMMMEEEE NOIIIIIIIIIIZZZZEEEEEE moments or pretty much every other opportunity.
-There's no reason for Ryan Mill to place the microphone inside his larynx when he's announcing a goal.  It's almost at the point that the refs will have stop play so the Pens can announce a goal.
-We job people who are leaving the game early, but if they have to get home by a certain time, they'll do anything to avoid the 9/11 that is the funneling of fans toward like two escalators heading down to the bottom levels.  Can't really call this a con, though.  When there are 17,000 people in a confined space, you're gonna have humanity traffic jams.
-Especially for season-ticket holders, intermission is a time to go out into the concourse and bullshit with people.  Wouldn't mind the intermission countdown clock having some real estate on the gigantic HD televisions on the walls in the concourse.