RECAP: Cool Hand James. PENS WIN




Real different level right now for James Neal.  The pucks that weren't going in last year are all going in this year.  It probably doesn't hurt that he has pretty decent linemates.
In this game, it was another great example of the Penguins, eventually, grinding down their opponent with the new wrinkle of scoring huge power-play goals.  Instead of being the reason the Penguins lose games, it is now the reason they win them.
And ROOT Sports interviewing Veterans during game action?  Nice touch.
Game in like 6 minutes.  Huge contingent of Pens fans is gonna be in Carolina. #CarolinaInvasion
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Sergeant Bob gets the crowd going on Veterans Day.  Stirring rendition.
The Penguins came out flying the first part of the period.  Sullivan-Malkin-Neal line is going to be hard to break up.  Pens had the first 1,200 shots of the game.
 Lehtonen made a few nice saves.
Shots were all Pens.
Despite the Pens owning much of the period, the Stars scored.
To reenact Kris Letang's role in the goal.  Start your car, then put it in reverse.  Then just casually walk away from it.
Jeff Reed Stunned after the goal.
(pic via Matt J )
Also, the fan police is looking into whether or not it is socially acceptable for people to eat sushi at games.
Tough ruling.  We love Sushi, but it is new age.  Could you imagine your dad eating sushi at a game 20 years ago?
End of the period was whatev.
The Pens started in mud mode to begin the second.
ROOT Sports did a bunch of interviews with Veterans and Active Members of the military during the second period.
It was a bit of a mess only because Steigy was still trying to broadcast the game and talk to the Vets.  Tough position to be in,
but it is the effort that counts.
Infinite mirror shot via 
Unreal story from Mr. Antanovich.  Stuck behind enemy lines for two days in World War II.
Much of the second period was a mess.
Alex Gogoliski got hurt and did not return.
Eric Tangradi got jacked in front of the net by Sheldon Souray.
Those are Tangradi's skates on the right.  Vitale got a penalty on this play for getting cross checked into the goalie.
Pens killed the penalty with ease.
The Pens had a big time chance to get some things going, but that was negated after a Stars player got hit in the throat with a puck.
Read about Jeff Reed's friend here.
Both teams killed it and took penalties.  Nothing really exciting here.
Then Jamie Benn took a penalty late in the second period.
The Pens Powerplay set up shop.  Malkin got free for a one-timer.  Goa…….DISSALLOWED!
Kunitz got a stick on the shot, but it was ruled to be a high stick.  After watching a few replays, it was a good call.
The ref was a real dick about it we feel like.  So it made it tough.
Pens came right back though.  James Neal set up in his parking spot in the middle.  Kuni got him the puck.
Puck just sneaks across the line.
1-1. James Neal is James Neal.
Huge goal.  Pens got all the momentum back going into the third.
It's not that we were unimpressed with the Stars, its just that they really didn't scare us at any point.
Not sure if their game plan was to just sit back after getting a 1-0 lead, but that is what they did.
Sheldon Souray sucks though.
Souray got whistled for a high sticking midway through the third.  Big time Powerplay chance.
And the Pens cashed in.  Malkin with a shot on net, sneak by Lehtonen. Give Cred………..
The refs rule Kunitz interfered with Lehtonen's chance to make a save.  Not a penalty, just not goal.  Probably a good call.  Everyone hates Chris Kunitz.
Pens come right back though.  Steve Sullivan makes a sick pass to Letang to keep the play alive, Malkin dishes to Neal.  Neal tries to pass to Kunitz, but some idiot on the Stars knocks it in his own net.  What a mistake.
They should give Sullivan a point for this play because he deserved it.
Pens were everywhere after this.  Two minutes later Cookie had a breakaway and he got tripped.
There is nothing better than waiting for the ref to point to center ice.  So dramatic.
Cookie vs Lehtonen
Video here.
What a celebration by Cookie.
We really need to track down the reaction of the crewman that ROOT sports interviewed.  They kept the the camera on them the whole game. Unreal reactions.
After that, the Penguins imposed their will.  Chris Kunitz destroyed everyone that came close to him.
Engo lit up Mike Ryder:
What a hit.  Engo has been doing that more and more.  Can't wait till he does it to Talbot.
Time ticked away and the Stars pulled the goalie.  Why is Evgeni Malkin a good teammate?  He had an open net, instead of shooting it.  He looked for James Neal so Neal could get the hat trick.  The Stars broke up the pass.  Whatev.
Chris Kunitz, man.
Underrated game by Pascal Dupuis.  Got shit going.
Steve Sullivan too, what a steal he has been thus far.
Malkin could have had like 5 points.