RECAP: Peters peppered by a pack of pickled penguins. PENS WIN.

This game has happened like 12,000 times over the last 6 years. The Penguins completely dominate for two periods, score 3 goals in the third, and for 4 minutes run around like the action sequences in the War Horse trailer. And then the game was over. The Pens put up 52 shots, and controlled the entire game. Carolina is terrible.

The win also moved the Penguins into a tie with the Flyers, setting the stage for what should be some type of atmosphere of hate inside CONSOL on Thursday.

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Root Sports got things off to a wonderful start:

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Steigerwald had some bizarre apology afterwards. It was strange.

The first period was shit. Carolina actually outplayed the Penguins for ten minutes. Tim Brent, who played for the Penguins at some point, scored to make it 1-0. It was pretty much Carolina's last shot of the game.

Jordan Staal played a good first. Pretty sure he hit a post. Peters was playing well, but he was giving up rebounds everywhere.

It was only a matter of time.

Neal-Malkin-Kunitz line started making shit happen.

That guy's sweater was also making it happen. Best thing about Christmas is in the immediate aftermath where people start wearing shit they just got. Seems kind of tacky to immediately bring an article of clothing into the cycle.

On to the second period, and the Pens were all over the Canes. Malkin sprung Kunitz, and Kunitz split the D and got a chance. Peters stopped him, but didn't control the rebound. Kunitz tipped it out, Neal came flying in, and the puck hit his stick and bounced into the net.

1-1. Toronto reviewed it just to be a buzz kill.

The Pens wore down the Canes down all period and finally got a call late in the second. The penalty would carry over.

About a minute into the third period, Malkin was in his neighborhood. He dished to Sullivan for the one-timer. Peters was fooled. 2-1.

Sweater guy in the background again.

Then the Canes melted down. TK and Dupes had a two-on-one. TK dished to Dupes, which was probably the nicest pass of TK's career, and Dupes waited for Peters to go down. Roof job city. 3-1.

At some point Kurt Muller called a timeout to vomit on himself.

Pens were going insane. Neal got stopped, but then Jordan Staal was on some two-on-one. He sniped Peters. 4-1.

Hurricanes looked for a second like they were going to do something, but they didn't. MAF had his shit together.  Game.


  • Erik Staal is a minus-33 this season.
  • Carolina is overall the worst.
  • Despres looked like he was hurt for a few minutes, but he came back.
  • Another solid game for the defense.