RECAP: Yeah. We Got That. PENS WIN.
The Pens are skating wounded.  They have been since February 2011, but now it's getting ridiculous.  Ben Lovejoy's out.  Michalek's out.  Niskanen was out for this one.  The Pens' blue line this game included two guys who haven't suited up for the Penguins all season.  It's pretty impressive that there weren't any defensive breakdowns; it was actually a couple of bizarre turnovers that almost did the Penguins in.  That and the relentless slashing and stickwork from the Kings.  It was getting ridiculous.  But the Pens persevered.  Kunitz tied it in the shadow of the final buzzer and then he won it in the shootout.  Chris Kunitz nowhere to be found in the 3 Stars of the game.
Should be an interesting week coming up.  Crosby rumors should be coming to a boiling point.  These past two games have us addicted to Western Conference hockey, and thankfully the Dallas Stars are coming to town on Friday.
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Simon Gagne puts a stick up into Paul Martin's face, and the Pens get their first power play in like a week.  Neal had a chance on that PP, but that was it.

Willie Mitchell was in Malkin's balls early and often.  His angst obviously stemming from Malkin's hit way back in the Pechurskiy game:

No sound.

Later, Richard Park tried the Hurricane Geno move.  Hit the side of the net probably.  The Kings were cycling after that.  Picard looked pretty rough but eventually was in a groove.

Pens were getting another power play when Ethan Moreau plastered Chris Kunitz into the glass.  Quick got kneed in the head and was near death until he realized one of his d-men kneed him.  Pens couldn't score on that PP, either.  Just weren't shooting enough.

The Kings were on the PP after Neal tripped someone. Pens kill it. Then Sully springs Geno on a breakaway, but Geno didn't have time to do anything with Willie Mitchell in his mouth again.  Mitchell breaks his own stick with a slash on Geno, so the Pens were getting another power play. Surprised Mitchell didn't get a second penalty for continuing to play with a broken stick.

With 30 seconds left on that PP, Ethan Moreau goes off, so the Pens had a 5-on-3 for a bit.  Time-out. Off that faceoff, Scuderi throws it over the glass. Golden opportunity for the Pens.  After some frustrating moments, the Pens finally capitalized toward the end of the PP time.  Letang fakes out Kopitar, taking him out of the play.  Quick comes out a little in anticipation of a wrister, but Letang passes it to down to Sully, who one-times it in.  1-0.
Great pic.

Kings had a flurry at the end of the period, but nothing happened.

Early in the period, Kris Letang's hair got caught in Dustin Brown's visor.  Can't do that.  Kings get a PP.  Pens were gonna have to kill 1:18 of 5-on-3 for getting a too-many-men.  Kings had a play set up, but Richards couldn't put it home. Pens eventually kill all of it.

Dupuis and Sullivan had a 2-on-1 out of nowhere.  Dupuis was shooting the whole way. No dice.

Bortuzzo went to the box later when he caught Mike Richards in the neutral zone.  The Pens killed that, too. Then Mike Comrie made an appearance in the crowd.  Bizarre. Out of nowhere.

The Kings tied it after a Park turnover.  Anze Kopitar eventually found himself all alone on MAF.  Quick deke to the backhand and a smooth lift.  1-1.

Pens kid bottom right.

MAF had to make some more saves, then the period ended.

Kings were getting the best chances to start the third.  Kunitz had a chance but missed the net.  Then the Kings jumped back on the attack.

Bizarro Staal goes off for a slash, and the Pens get the PP. Surprise: Mike Richards gets a shorthanded breakaway.  Kris Letang does what he can, but Richards still gets a penalty shot.  Richards came down, and MAF may have gotten a piece of it.  Save.  Kings eventually kill the penalty.

The game was turning into the Kings against MAF, and Fleury was standing on his head.  But then the Pens lost a battle on the boards in their own zone.  Puck finds its way to Kopitar.  Gagne wide open back door.

The Pens survived a scare when the Kings scored a little later, but it was on a high stick.  Quick call to Toronto confirmed it.

The Pens come back right after that and tie it.  Staal battles behind the net and pushes a puck to Kunitz.  Kunitz moves it to the post and pops in a quick backhand.  2-2.

What an emotional goal.  The place went nuts.

Pens had a great chance to win it late.  Letang hit the pipe.  On to overtime.

4-on-4 city.  Butts clenched whenever Kopitar was on the ice.  Kings carried the action in the OT.  Unreal chances.  Stoll blindsides Sullivan, and the Kings kept getting chances.  Neal gets tripped, then the Kings almost scored off of it.  Richards sucks.  Shootout.

Stoll was first.  Tried to snipe.  Nope.

Malkin tried the same thing basically.  Nope

Then came Kopitar.  He almost dislocated MAF's shoulder.  Goal.  1-0.
Letang answered with some deking.  1-1.
Dustin Brown came down and couldn't beat MAF.

Neal took the Conway approach.  Quick made the save five-hole.

Simon Gagne up next.  MAF stops him.  Great patience by MAF there.

Then came Koonie.
Video from in the stands from reader Jefe:
West side story in the front is pissed.
Reader Jefe with the pics
-Kris Letang got a star of the game for playing 32:33.
-Kings won face-off battle 44-21.  Yikes.
– great job by Pens fan on the road for the second straight game.
– Reader Alisha G was at the game:
Dude. The Staples Center? Quietest crowd ever. It was so lame. I got tickets in premium seating, and the people around us were pretty cool, but clearly did not understand the game all that well. The highlight was when 3 French Canadian kids that played hockey sat down behind us. Then I actually had people to talk to that knew what they were talking about. Between half the chicks there looking like they were ready to go hooking on the corner and huge sections of the arena being empty for a Saturday night hockey game against a marquee team they only get to see once a year, L.A. as a hockey town is a joke. Shame, too, because their team is just sick when they get going. 
I forgot my camera so I didn't get any anthem pics (lame), but they definitely did bust out the clip from Sudden Death where Iceburgh gets the shit beat out of him by JCVD. Surprising amount of Pens jerseys there…and one chick in a Flames jersey? Random.
Anyway, Kopitar is a beast, Penner is a lazy fuck, and Letang just makes it look so easy when he's on the ice.