RECAP: Whole Lotta Glove. PENS WIN.

If you had to know one thing about this game, it is this: Ottawa sucks.

Ottawa fans will go to the dentist today and try to get the taste of Brent Johnson out of their mouths. He was solid again.
Again, there shouldn't be a goalie controversy right now.  Because he is the starter.
The main storyline of the night was our old friend Sergei Gonchar coming to town.
We got to say goodbye and say thanks to one of our all-time favorite players.


We went to this game simply for the Gonchar tribute.


And here is the video:

Special moment.
Gonch said thanks by being on the ice for all five Penguin goals.
Anthem pic of the night:
Steve from Denver in attendance.
The rest:
Nick Z
Emily V.
Lisa R.
Probabnly missed a couple.
Doesn't take long for the Senators to do something stupid.
Peter Regal takes an interference penalty about 3 minutes in.
You know what that means.
But the Pens can't do anything on the Heyy Fanns.  Couldn't even get set up in the zone.
Gonch touches the puck for the first time. Some yinzers tried to boo.
They realized no one was with them, so they went to Primanti Brothers and made out with each other.
As the powerplay ends, some bizarre sound comes from scoreboard.
Also, can we get a new playlist of songs in CONSOL?  Didn't know we were at a Pantera concert.
After some death metal, Andrew Hutchinson takes a penalty.
Pens' penalty kill, no longer sponsored by GNC apparently, is good.  Ottawa can't do shit.
Ottawa takes a too many men penalty.
Chris Neil serves it.
The hey fans actually looks good for a change.  Bill Elliot makes two sick saves back-to-back.
Pens send the second unit out. Mike Comrie makes an appearance and attempts a pass to Rupp in the cirlce.
The pass misses Rupp and goes to Test Tube.
He roofs it. What a shot. 1-0.
Big play by Paul Martin to keep the puck in the zone on the play to.
The Sens unraveled after that.
Chris Neil is garbage and he goes to the box.
The Pens waste no time.  Go-Go fires a shot hard off the boards.  Crosby cleans it up. 2-0
Pens aren't finished peeing on Bill Elliot, though.
Letestu is everywhere. He wins some faceoff, and the puck is laying to the right of Elliot.
Malkin comes out of nowhere.  He dives and puts it home. 3-0.
Malkin is on his shit, creating turnovers.
Neil then decides to fight Engelland.
Even draw.  Neil was holding on for dear life.
Period recap: Two tallies on the HEY FANNNS. Huge.
Alex Gogoliski is a hummingbird and leaves Bob Errey speechless.


Ottawa gets back in the game with a Daniel Alfredsson goal.  He sucks too. 3-1.
Brent Johnson again holds the fort down until the Pens get their offensive shit together.
All it takes is 25 seconds.
Pascal Dupuis gets the first goal.
Ben Lovejoy gets the puck to the net, and Dupes finally gets a break.
Puck bounces in off some dude's shaft. 4-1.
Before anyone knew it, Letang had the puck.  He unloads one.
Goal. Great screen by Tangradi. 5-1.
Period recap: Two goals in 25 seconds. game.

Sens score a goal to make it 5-2, and then Mike Fisher has a breakaway.
Not in Brent Johnson's house.
Fleury would have let up two goals on that play.
All that can be heard in CONSOL was woooing throughout the third
Game. Johnson's creeping up on leaders: Test Tube leads all rookie scorers. Only the Maple Leafs have more points than the Pens in the East. ANNNNNNNDDDD NOOOOOOOOWWWW FANNNNS Tuesdays with Stoosh will be on Wednesday this week.