We can talk about it until we are blue in the sac.   The Pens got another great team effort from an undermanned team. But in the end if you don't have that superstar who is capable of changing the game on one shot, you aren't going to win.  The Capitals had Alex Ovechkin. Pens didn't have Sid or Geno. Ovechkin blew a blistering shot past MAF.  Game.  Pens haven't scored a goal against the Caps in like 300 years.
It looks like the Capitals are learning how to play defense.  Then again, it was posited by some people that it only appeared that way because Mike Green wasn't in the lineup.  Time will only tell.
Hopefully the hundreds….
and the hundreds of snow-cursing fans got home safe.
Brian M.
Nothing happening out of the gate.
Then the Pens trip someone and go on the PK.
Caps may not have sustained 15 seconds at a time in the zone.
Talbot picked off a pass, but he's slow as balls.

The Pens got their own PP when Semin tries to hit the Cotton Candy guy.  

There's nothing to even talk about with that PP.

Out of nowhere, Ovechkin gets a breakaway.
MAF stops yet another OV breakaway.

Sterling has a break but gets put on his backhand.
Best play was to get it back to Staal.  Save.

Kennedy throws a solid hit on Hannan.
Hannan is pissed and holds him up.  PP.

Job job.  But it was great job job.  Intense.
Then Jason Chimera interferes with Talbot.
Caps net on the PK looks like a medieval castle.

RECAP: Didn't notice Dire Straits on the ice.
Good thing.
Intense face

The second period was going to start, but the Ghost of GoGo turned out the lights.  Or maybe Crosby had a headache.

The beginning of the second looked like the game was in MSG.
Cooke goes off for interference.

Later, Matt Bradley rocks Matt Cooke.  It was a charge.
Staal evens it up by attacking Bradley.

On the 4-on-4, MAF goes Richter city with a glove save on Ovechkin.

Back to even strength, Staal was everywhere.
He sets up Talbot in front, and Talbot decides to shoot it back at Staal.
Bizarre.  He almost shot it square onto Staal's wrist.  Jesus.

Pens go to the box for something.
Staal can't score on a short breakaway.
Ovechkin slaps one from the top of the key. 1-0.

A reasonably reserved celebratio from the Caps on the goal, too.

They're becoming self-aware.

PERIOD: Intense period of hockey. Playoff-like.
Early in the third, Sterling almost paved all the roads in Pittsburgh when he came down the left wing and sniped a shot.  Big Ben struck 1:00.  Letang followed up right after with a wrister.  Neuvirth was swallowing everything.  Great start to the third.
Time started ticking down, but it was still looking pretty good.
Any minute now.
Ovechkin kept trying to fly into the zone and pull up into the slot.
It's so predictable that d-man probably laugh as they shut him down anymore.
This exact thing happened maybe 12 times during the game.
Michalek shoots a puck up the boards, and it bounces to Talbot behind the defense.
He gets stick-lifted beautifully and falls somehow.
That was pretty much it.
Michalek was set to bring the world down on a slapper when MAF was pulled.
Still don't know where that puck is.  Game.
Sid, Sid, wherefore art thou, Sid? allowed 39 shots on goal.
That won't fly two months from now. officiating this game. Neal. to Japers Rink, Backstrom has a broken thumb via a Letang slash. [ Japers ]