In case you haven't noticed, Marc-Andre Fleury is the Penguins' MVP this year, and the Penguins will go as far as MAF wants to take them, even if a certain captain returns to the lineup.  With a depleted group of scorers, MAF's margin of error has been thinner than the envelope Flyers fans' GEDs come in, and look where he's taken them thus far.

And what did this game teach everyone?  Pretty much that the Pens ain't messing around.  Sure, it was a shootout, and there are no shootouts in the playoffs.   But the simple fact that this game went to overtime means these teams are even.  Adding Chris Pronger to the Flyers lineup really doesn't affect much, since this isn't 2006.  All the national analysts like Barry Melrose are saying Philly is the team to beat in the East.  Yikes.

No clue how the Flyers are leading the East.  All you'll hear from the Philly side and national media side is "What About Bob?" Bob is the nickname that Flyers fans bestowed upon Sergei Bobrovsky because. let's face it. they usually struggle with words over a syllable.  Yes, Bobrossky kept the Flyers in the game.  But if Malkin and Crosby are in the lineup, this would've been a 6-1 win.

This perception of Philadelphia could all change next week when the Flyers come to Pittsburgh and finish what they started on opening night.  But that's not gonna happen.

Before the Pens play the Flyers again, they are playing a desperate Devils team tonight.
Every game for the rest of the season is a casket match for the Devils.
Should be a great game.  Hard to envision Tiffany Amber Thiessen getting the start.

Flyers had the Pens hemmed in early.
Pens came back, and Kovy almost set up Jeffrey.
No dice.

Kennedy got a breakaway for some reason.
Bobrossky makes a big save.
Flyers came back with something, but it wasn't important.

Refs were letting both teams fondle each other big-time.
Kennedy-Staal-Kunitz had a great shift.

Flyers go the other way, and Engelland goes to the box.
Pens kill it off.  Got scary for a moment.

Late in the first, the Flyers just crash the net.
Puck had eyes on it.  1-0.
Mike Richards acting like he did something.
We scored an exclusive interview with Mike Richards during the first intermission:

Matty Nisk had a semi-bad first period, but he got better as the game went on.

Pens get a PP late, and it carried to the second.

PERIOD RECAP: Pens had a chance to score midway through, but they couldn't.
And then the Flyers got some bullshit bounce.

Probably the first time ever a carry-over powerplay actually scored.
Kunitz with a nasty pass to TK. 1-1.
Not the goal, but whatev.
Five months ago, that shot hits the glass.
No idea how all of this is even possible. Big-time March for TK.

Pens kill off a Niskanen penalty.

Pens had a powerplay at one point, too, after Claude Giroux slashed Jordan Staal. Easy call.
The period started off back and forth, but the Pens started to turn it on.
James Neal made some unrealistic move. But he couldn't score.
He gave the boards and glass behind the Philly net a workout all night.
Kovy had a chance in front but shot it into Bobrovsky's chest.  Great pass by Dustin Jeffrey to set it up.
Kovy was pissed and almost forgot to backcheck.  Bobrossy robbed Kovy later on in the period, too.

Talbot-Adams-Rupp had some chances, but nothing could beat Bobrossy.

Worst part of the second: Jeff Carter landed on Dustin Jeffrey's leg, a lot like Tyler Myers did to Malkin, and it looked bad. Jeffrey had to be helped off. He did not return.

PERIOD RECAP: FSN had a special James Neal edition of "What You've Missed" during the second intermission.  They just showed a picture of the Flyers net.

Had a theory going into the third that the Pens would collapse because they only play two good periods of hockey. Totally wrong.

Asham took some penalty but the Pens killed it.

On the PK, Talbot stripped some joke of the puck and went in on a breakaway.

Talbot rushed it. Easy save for Bobrossy.

Mike Richards tripped Pascal Dupuis somewhere. And then when the play ended Richards called Dupes a diver. That is like Richards go to insult. hack

Michalek made some play in the third or overtime to break up a 2-on-1.
Then he appeared at the other end of the ice trying to score.
One of the best OT's of the season. Letang had a Norris-esque shift.
Michalek made an unreal play. Flyers on a two-on-one, he dove to break up a pass. Man.
And after all that noise on that shift, the Pens ended up icing it and having to take their timeout.
No word yet if Jeff Carter or Shelly Briere played in this game.
Ville Leino was first for Philly.  Kind of looked like he had polio.
Letang was up first for the Pens.
Had Bobrossy beat but couldn't put it home.
Claude Giroux had a dick look on his face when he realized that MAF completely destroyed him with the fake pokecheck.
Kovy time.
Next was Danny Briere, and he somehow scored.
James Neal was up next, and he tried to do that one move.  No dice.
No clue who was up next for Philly.
Then it was Kunitz city. Kunitz all day. are fearing the Dustin Jeffrey news coming out sometime today.
Although a center being injured means Sid could crack the lineup when he's fully recovered. suck. Lovejoy is playing with unlimited confidence.