RECAP: We’ll See You Soon. PENS LOSE.

After the Flyers game, we mentioned that the Pens had to get back on the horse.
But sometimes a horse's penis will whap you in the face and ask questions later.
Of all the stats this season, there is one that will ultimately define the Penguins season.
The Penguins are 0-19-1 when trailing going into the third period. That is huge.
Compare that stat over the last few years.
Record when trailing going into the third period:
2009-10 : 8-23-2
2008-2009: 11-21-2
2007-2008: 6-20-3
In 2008-2009 the Pens led the league in comebacks. Won the Cup.
In 2007-2008 the Wangs led the league in comebacks. Won the Cup.
Every Cup winner the last five years has been at least top-10 in that category.

This game was a terrible reminder of that stat. Despite playing a really good game after a horrible start, the Pens could not tie it up.

With the loss, the Flyers have all but clinched the division, and all that is left for the Pens is to find a way to hold on to home ice, if that even matters at this point.  Speaking of which, the Pens have a shot of tying the 1992-93's mark for road wins in a season.  One, that is unbelievable.  Two, it's a good thing to keep in your back pocket when the Pens go on the road in the playoffs.

thanks to Taylor G.
Immediately this felt like Game One.
Then Paul Martin goes off before the puck even gets dropped.
No clue how that penalty can be called so early.

Dupuis came in shorthanded with a slapper and almost killed Roloson.
PK did a great job.

Pens got their first big-time scoring chance with Kunitz and Kennedy getting a 2-on-1.
TK misses the net.  Like old times.

Tampa starts buzzing around MAF.
Stamkos jobs Orpik.
Puck in front.  Steve Downie somehow scores a goal.  1-0.

Upon further review. Mike Rupp got completely jobbed by Downie:
Okay, fine.  We'll let that one slide.
But the next blown call, which resulted in the game-winning goal, was bullshit.

The Lightning dump the puck towards Kris Letang. Letang gets held up by Lecajoke right before the puck enters the Pens zone. St. Louis and his big penis come into the zone after Letang is out of the play  Weird goal.  2-0.
Is that the linesman?  Hard to tell.  Not that it matters.
Is that dude pointing at Staal in a mocking fashion?  What is going on. Why is he sweating?
Just an incredible no-call from officials that were quick to call an interference penalty on Paul Martin to begin the game. Total bullshit.

Pens get a power play almost immediately after. No surprise there.
Nothing happening.
Pens have the worst powerplay of all time.
RECAP: Kind of digging the chest tattoo girl:
Pens get an early PP.
Yeah right. Pens are like 0 for 560 or something.

Then the refs start letting everything go.
Niskanen gets hooked.
Marty gets tripped up. Nothing.

James Neal has two chances to score.
Roloson making saves. A lot of saves.
Pens were outshooting Tampa 9-0 or something in the second.
The cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer apparently in attendance.

Steve Downie starts getting into everyone's head.
He hits Staal then jobs Orpik,
Orpik crosschecks him after the whistle.
Downie goes off for a phantom call. It is like the Matt Cooke™ even up call.

4-on-4 for a while.
And it was all James Neal all the time.
But Roloson was in some kind of zone. No question he did coke before the game.

PERIOD: Stamkos with an idiotic penalty to end the second.
Photographic evidence that Stamkos played this game.
Pens dominated the game somehow even though they were down 2-0. But one mistake, and it was going to be over.
The mistake looked to have occurred when Mike Comrie blew some outlet pass.
Tampa flipped it into a Ryan Malone breakaway. Malone sees a silver dollar behind the net and dives toward it. The refs interpret this as a trip on Mike Rupp. Sucks.  PK does its job.
Ryan Malone looks so bizarre.
Things were going nowhere fast after that until Mike Rupp and the Pens got a break.
Roloson gets screened or some shit. Puck whizzes past him. Huge goal for Rupp. 2-1.
Pens bring the noise, but Roloson does everything.  MAF matches him at the other end.
Kovalev gets whistled for a crosscheck late. A good call, but whatever on that. Pens kill it.
Pens had two minutes to tie it, and they had unlimited chances. One play summed up everything, though.
Tampa had a minor breakdown, and the puck found James Neal.
He had a clear shot to the net. He wound up.  Broken stick.
Game. -2. He tried to fight Hedman or something:
what a hat. you see ref Stephane Auger, run. game was the last ever game broadcast on FSN. Today starts ROOT Sports. No idea what will happen. Downie is reckless. If Crosby comes back for the the playoffs, Downie will head hunt.