RECAP: Up and Down. PENS LOSE.

It doesn't get more frustrating than this loss, a loss that you saw coming a mile away. and there was nothing you could do about it.  We have no clue why — and maybe people can help us out — but for whatever reason this was one of the most frustrating losses we've experienced since doing this blog and being a fan in general.
And why is a bear the mascot for the Leafs?  Fucking stupid.
And it shouldn't be that way at all.  We were sitting there knowing that Orpik is out, half of the forwards don't have pubic hair, and the Crosby-Malkin combo is nowhere in sight.
Maybe it's frustrating because we watched Tyler Kennedy and Pascal Dupuis eat up ice time in the third period and overtime while Alexei Kovalev was probably in the locker room packing everyone's bags for the plane ride.  No clue what that was all about.  
It was frustrating because Neal and Staal got worked over in OT.  It was frustrating because the Penguins had that third goal in them to make it 3-1, but they refused to put it away.  It was frustrating because as soon as Phil Kessel made it 2-2, Dan Bylsma turned into Bill Cowher.  By the way, Phil Kessel is a pathetic excuse for a hockey player.
There's probably two recaps per season where we have the whole thing typed up, and then when we do a quick read-through, we decide we'd rather not embarrass ourselves.  Maybe one day we will post what this recap was gonna look like.  It was laden with hatred for everything and everyone that was within 25 miles of the Air Canada Centre last night, including Rick.