RECAP: Two The Hard Way. Again. Pens win


1:00 games against joke teams will never be fun to watch.
The biggest battle of all was merely trying to keep your eyes open.
But don't take that so seriously.
In the grand scheme of things the Pens win on Sunday was just as big as any other win. Especially because the Bruins beat the Flyers in regulation.
Now, the Pens can tie the Flyers for the division and conference lead on Tuesday night, in Consol. The Flyers have one game in hand, but that don't mean shit.
The entire Eastern conference is insane. There is no match-up that is set.  The Pens have pulled away from Tampa Bay, but the demons of Montreal lurk behind Tampa.   
Best anthem:
@PowerMove6687 should decline afternoon games next year. 1:00 sucks. was the only reason this game was even close. Florida came out guns blazing.
MAF made a few highlight reel saves. was nice to see an old friend:
Fox Sports apparently thought Orpik was traded, not hurt:
We're sure ROOT sports won't mess this up. first period couldn't have been more boring. the second period, it was more of the same. Talbot got hurt for a little bit. That was interesting. Mike Comrie was on the fourth line for some reason. Panthers got a goal off a faceoff, nothing Fleury could do. Sick deflection bro. 1-0. you want something to worry about for the playoffs, worry about this: faceoffs. The Panthers goal was off a faceoff win, and they killed the Penguins all day. Pens have been terrible at faceoffs most likely because they have no centers left. The goal by the Panthers woke up the Pens. Neal and Kovy teamed up to generate some shit in the Panthers zone. Ben Lovejoy made a big time pinch to keep a play alive. The puck found its way to Kovalev who then dished it back to Lovejoy. Lovejoy went top shelf on Vokoun. Sick goal. 1-1. put Lovejoy has been outstanding. game went back to being shit for awhile. made a full ice slapshot pass to Talbot, to spring him on a breakaway. Talbot blew it. the third nothing happened. Teams traded powerplays.  Yawn blog. start to OT. Tomas Vokoun's back went out on him so his backup Scott Clemmensen came in. The Pens couldn't really even get a shot through. The only time Clemmensen had to make a save was very late. And it wasn't even that good of a chance. vomit. time. missed his shot, and some dude for the Panthers got stopped by MAF. Kovy was next for the Pens and he just embasrassed Clemmensen.
So bad that Clemmensen forgot how to drink.
thanks to everyone for sending this in. were up next:
Poke check city. Great pic.. Neal comes out to turn off the lights.

Game. Video of Kovy & Neal's goals thanks to reader Letangueary: