RECAP: Till The Division’s End. PENS WIN.

This season has made less sense than John Wayne portraying Genghis Khan in that movie. Last week, any hope of the Penguins winning the Atlantic Division was dead in the water, with humboldt squids ready to destroy it. Today, oh man. The Flyers have basically shit the bed, feces dripping off the sides of their Serta. The Pens go into the next two games trailing by the Flyers by one point.
If nothing changes, the Pens and Lightning seem destined to play each other. But if the Pens win the division, they could play Buffalo, Montreal, the Rangers, and maybe even Carolina.
A lot of people are saying playing Tampa is safe bet. That is stupid. There is no safe play here. You really feel okay with Marty St. Louis being in your mouth?  All of a sudden, Stamkos comes alive.  If last year taught us anything, it is you don't wish for anyone.  Let the cards fall where they may.  If we had our choice, we'd play Washington in the first round.  They're on an unreal tear right now.  We'd rather find out early on whether or not this Pens team can hang with the big dogs or stay on the porch licking their sac.
And you can bet your boob that the Penguins don't give a shit about who they play, either. Winning the division has been their goal, and that goal is within a stone's throw.  Unless James Neal is throwing the stone.  In that case, it gets blocked or goes two feet wide.
All this really means is don't confuse what we as fans think,to what NHL players think. We were all set to discount a division title. Pens are pumped as shit for their last two games, which are both against non-playoff teams.
To the Isle the season goes. Anthem of the night from :Ellen
no clue
All there is to know about the first period, really, is that Jordan Staal played a mini game with Hedberg.  Late in the period, he had a semi-breakaway, and Hedberg lunged out at him like it was NHL94.
On a powerplay later, Staal takes a nice little tick pass from James Neal and cruises in on Hedberg.  As soon as Moose city does his unreal lunge, Staal went top shelf.  1-0.
Salminella had a chance with a slapper in the second, but MAF made his crook-arm save.
Rolston had a chance on a 2-on-1.  Like that was going in.
Lovejoy made a mistake later that lead to a goal.  According to Versus, it's better for Lovejoy to do it now than in the postseason.  This is why national broadcasts suck.  Lovejoy has made maybe 1 or 2 egregious mistakes this year that led to goals, possibly less.  He's not mistake-prone.  And this play wasn't a mistake.  It was a bad bounce, and every Devil in the zone was exactly where they had to be to take advantage of it.  Adam Graves scores.  1-1.
We've been jobbing Talbot, but he is starting to make shit happen just as the playoffs are coming into the picture. And by making things happen we mean almost doing something. Dupuis drove to the net and poked home a Talbot rebound.  2-1.
Chris Conner is everywhere.
On the flip side, it's been interesting watching Tyler Kennedy this year.  No question.  For the Pens third goal, he had the puck high in the slot.  Three months ago, he shoots it at the net without even looking at the goalie.  The puck would have gone wide regardless.  Nowadays, he gets the puck, holds it, and finds Kunitz coming out from the corner.  He puts it on his tape, and Kuni puts home a backhand.  3-1.
 Kunitz was a possible early season whipping boy, but what a season for him. If he doesn't get hurt, no question he puts in 30.
4 minutes into the third, Brian Rolston makes an appearance.  He scores some goal, while Brian Engblom says he has an unreal shot.  3-2.
Most uninteresting goal of the season by anyone.
At the end, the Pens had to kill a penalty that won't be called two weeks from now.
They kill all of it and put home an empty-netter. Hedberg pooped everywhere.
Dupes.  4-2.  Game.
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