RECAP: The Walls Of Jero-Cooke. PENS LOSE

What will get lost in the Cooke elbow shit is that this was a really good game at one point — very defensive, playoff-like tone. The Penguins owned the second period but could not beat King Henrik.
Something that has hurt the Penguins over the last two years is their inability to score a huge powerplay goal. Look back at the Cup run in '09.  When the Penguins needed a huge powerplay goal, they got it.
That just isn't the case right now.
They work their balls off to get the powerplay and then fail at it.

Now all you will here about this game is the following:

"Matt Cooke lost the game for the Penguins,"

That is false. The Penguins had a 2-1 lead thanks to a Chris Kunitz snipe. Then Matty Niskanen took a high-sticking penalty. It gave the Rags a 5-on-3.
The Pens came so close to killing it.
The crowd was insane.
It didn't seem like the Rangers were going to score.

But they did, and it sucked the life out of everyone. Rangers scored a quick goal after that, and it was pretty much over. The three losses to the Rangers inside CONSOL are haunting.

Red Wings Monday night.
They employ Todd Bertuzzi.

best Anthem pic goes to: WS they are handing out suspensions, Ryan Callahan should get one for his uber-gay celebration of his goal:
Act like you scored a big goal before. Lame.
And this is not a homophobic statement.
We've seen homosexuals score big goals before, and they celebrated just like this. new low for Eddie Ol-sucks yesterday. Not so much rooting against the Pens, but almost getting mad at Penguins fans. On one play, James Neal got jobbed, and the fans were pissed. Ol-sucks sounded angry as he said the play wasn't a penalty. He should not be allowed to do Pens games. had a huge powerplay late with four minutes to go. Gotta find a way to score. game and the soapbox aftermath that followed it has sucked our will to live.


Now enjoy a compilation of hits by Matt Cooke:

 go pens