RECAP: The Three Terrors. PENS WIN.
Early in the third period, with the Pens suckling on the nipples of a 5-2 lead, Nick Foligno put on an apron and got in MAF's kitchen.  He ended up falling over him.  Brooks Orpik was in the vicinity and took it for what it was: incidental.  Foligno and MAF were regaining themselves, and then Crosby came into the picture.  Defending his goalie, Crosby started stabbing FolignoFoligno pushed back.  Next thing you know, Crosby was landing a devastating elbow into Foligno's mouth.
Foligno chirped after the game:
"I just kind of got a little frustrated he would do something like that, so I went back at him.  It's not a big deal, but it is something he preached all summer about, that we should limit that, and then he goes and does it. It's over now. But I was disappointed he did that."
The "something" Crosby was preaching about was hits to the head of defenseless players.  But when a player decides to get in the opposing goalie's mouth, he's going in there knowing he's gonna take some punishment.  Crosby clearly elbow the guy in the mouth, it was intentional, and no one saw it coming, including Foligno.  Crosby went to the box, served his time, and the game went without incident the rest of the way.  Flip the script: People would be throwing shit on Foligno's lawn if he elbowed Crosby.  Just sayin'.
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Anthem pic of the night:
Always an emotional night when Gonch is in the building.  He's definitely a shell of the player who played the bulk of the 2009 Cup run on one leg.  Always will be one of our favorite players.
As you can already tell, PAYD all day was in attendance with his camera.  AP images from the game snapped him getting ready for a big-time pic:
And is this pic he eventually took?
The classy Senators weren't impressed with this Friday night affair and a guy with a plural first name put the Sens on the board early.  1-0.  27 seconds after, the floodgates opened and didn't close until Alex Auld came in 10 minutes later to bring some sanity to the game.  The Pens looked scary in those first 10 minutes.  Senators gave Crosby unlimited space coming down the wing into the zone.  It was almost too easy finding Kunitz on the far side.  1-1.
Asham and Konopka dropped the gloves, and a popcorn GIF was born:
Kennedy's goal was up next.  He banked it in off Anderson from behind the net.  Not something you see every day.  It was so amazing, it prompted this guy to simultaneously hold up the Peace sign and the Number-One sign.  That's what TK brings.
The Senators followed that goal up by starting a parade to the box.  You look back at this game, and that too-many-men penalty had Ottawa digging their own grave.  They eventually had to attempt to kill of a 5-on-3.  It just wasn't gonna happen. Crosby teed Malkin up at the point.  Missed the net.  Sullivan grabs up the loose puck and throws it to Neal in front.  Instead, Chris Phillips does all the work, and it was 3-1.
Not even two minutes later, Malkin was putting on his show.  Letang and Bing got the helpers on that snipe job.
THE Laura Falcon grabbed both of those goals on video:

And Anderson was gonnnnnnnnnnnne.
It's a rare occurrence in the NHL when a goalie gets yanked and the new goalie continues to get relentlessly pounded.  If the Senators had anything in the tank, Alex Auld's presence should've been a kick-start for it, mostly because he is Alex Auld, nothing happened.  They needed a goal by the end of that first period.  Wasn't happening.
They still had the beginning of that second period to work with after regrouping in the locker room.  Instead, Pascal Dupuis continued his torrid points pace and put in a goal off an Asham shot.   5-1.  And we wish we could say Jared Cowen's goal on a delayed penalty late in the second breathed some life into the Sens.  But they were already dead.
THE Laura Falcon snapped this pic of a 66-less Lemieux jersey.  Very unusual.
Staal scored his 80th goal of the season in the third.  He didn't even care.


  • Malkin coined his line with Crosby and Staal as The Three Terrors.
  • A lot of chatter contuines about people leaving early. Rick was in attendance, he said the same. If everyone is talking about it, you know it is a problem. 
A pic of it:
  • Pens play in like eight minutes.