RECAP: The Show Goes On. PENS WIN.
Rule #193 about watching a Penguins season: Always enjoy a win over the Montreal Canadie0ns. The last two years, the Habs have had this uncanny ability to destroy our will to live.  But not last night.  Usually the Canadiens play rope-a-dope long enough to get some lucky goal and win the game. The Pens' defense was Clearasil on the pimple known has Mike Cammalleri.  Probably the best day in North America since the Louisiana Purchase.
So, Malkin and Crosby have been out of the lineup.  Then Kennedy disappeared with a concussion situation.  Things looked bleak.
The Pens got another goal from James Neal, and Fifth Avenue Joe Vitale is started to endear himself to everyone with his relentless hard work. Orpik was back, and so was Jeffrey.
Letang comes back from Shanaban city on Saturday. 
God, this team is gonna be lethal when the injury sheet is blank. 
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Pens dictated shit early.  Carey Price had to make some saves.  MAF matched it with a save on Erik Cole. Cole played in Dissapear Mode the rest of the game.  Max Pacioretty got welcomed to Michalek Island. Some habs fan probably filed charges.

Pens jumped on a PP when some Canadien hooked up Arron Asham.  Things were pretty dead on the PP.  Then Darche had a breakaway on MAF.  He tried to snipe him.  Big save.  And the Habs killed off the rest.  Just as that penalty expired, Matt Cooke tried the Dupuis Play on for size.  No dice.  What a setup by Niskanen on that.
Pens honored Hal Gill during a commercial break for his 1,000th career game.  Good times.  We will never forget skating every shift with him in Game 7.
And remember that goal he scored against the Flames? ajjnjajaj

Later, Dustin Jeffrey almost put one home on Price.  More offense than Mark Letestu has generated all season.  Out of nowhere,  James Neal scores.  1-0. We enjoyed watching Subban fishing it out of the net.
The Community Park line has been awesome. Almost hate to break it up.

Later in the period, Price almost did the no-play zone thing, and it eventually led to a penalty for dislodging the net.  Pens buzzed on that PP.  Sullivan almost got on the board.  Subban's a joke.  Killed.

Besides being kind of sloppy in their own zone all period, the Pens got out of the first frame up 1-0.


Canadiens completely forgot to come out and play at the beginning of the second.  And Scott Gomez got hurt looking at himself in the mirror apparently.  Three separate lines for the Pens dominated their shifts.  Sullivan had a breakaway.  Pens had a couple odd-man rushes.   Joe Vitale plays like his limbs could fall off at any minute. What a player.  Engelland wrecked some dude's life coming through the neutral zone.

Then on some sustained pressure, a puck came out to Engelland and he shuffled it on net.  Vitale deflects it in.  2-0.
He's in there somewhere.

Cammalleri buys a call, and Paul Martin heads to the box. Killed city. And then the Pens had to kill another one when Lovejoy had to hold up a Hab. PK unit gets a commercial break to catch their breath.  And they killed that second one off.  MAF making saves everywhere.

 Then Brian Gionta wakes up everyone when he runs MAF.
What an idiot.

Michalek was going to the box for something.  AGH Cam let us know what that was all about.  Pens brushed off that kill like it was nothing. Pens had chances at the other end.  Subban came in and destroyyyyyyyed Cooke.  Woke the crowd up again.

Hal Gill was interfering everywhere.  Pens get a late PP when Gionta runs Michalek.  That would eventually get killed off early in the third.

Pens played 30% of the period shorthanded.  Hard to get into a rhythm. And they were still able to get one on the board.

The Pens keep consistent pressure for the first 5 minutes of the third.  Habs looked lost.
The Pens had had trouble putting teams away, going back to last season. But in this one against the Habs, they would. After tireless work, Engo dumps the puck on from the corner. The puck bounces up in the air, and Asham bats it in.
3-0. Huge goal.
Montreal pretty much gave up after that. Michalek got called for a penalty and almost scored coming out of the box.
Of course with less then two minutes to play Brian Gionta ruined MAF's shutout bid.  3-1.
Such a shame because he deserved it.
Father/Son stunned combo. One of the harded stunned pics to get. Thanks to Matt J.
-Great save in the first by Price on Sullivan. Great pad pass by Kunitz right to Sully.
-Matt Cooke probably could have had three goals in this game.
-Letestu: 11-4 in the dot.  Park: 9-3.  
-All four lines looked sharp.
-Jeffrey didn't look out of place at all really.
-Everyone reading this has most likely been watching a hockey a lonngggg time.  Can anyone else think of a player who's career path has been as steady as Brooks Orpik's?  We all remember screaming at him as recently as 2006.  And all he's done has gotten more and more solid to the point where no one even talks about him anymore. Such a steady presence.
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– The Vitale Knight:
Monty Python reference, look it up.
Go Pens.