RECAP: The Island Of Dr. Boucher. PENS LOSE.

Like we're recapping this game.  The power play went 0 for 7.  It was the playoffs all over again.  The Lightning as a team don't have the Pens' number.  The Lightning special teams have the Pens' special teams' number.  Simple as that.  No 1-3-1 bullshit involved.  If the 1-3-1 was all everyone is making it out to be, the Lightning would go 82-0.  Tampa's middle-of-the-road PP unit made the Pens' top-ranked (now second-ranked) PK unit look like mud.  Tampa's middle-of-the-road PK unit and Roloson made the Pens' 9th-ranked PP unit look like mud.

We're all about stepping up to challenges, but we want no part of the Tampa Bay Lightning as it stands today.  No way.  No how.

Pens heading to Miami for a Saturday night affair.