RECAP: The inside of a horse. PENS LOSE.
Not really gonna go into this game too much.  It's Friday, and 11 people will read this.
But we will discuss some shit after the jump.
First, this jersey foul…although it's the first time we're applauded a customized jersey.
ryan w
Second, this pic of Dupuis after his goal:
Third, Kris Letang may be the MVP of this team.  Obviously it's Malkin, but the Pens just simply aren't the same team without Letang on the blue line.  That has nothing to do with five forwards being on the power play, though.  Very strange move by Bylsma
is that sylar
rob s
Fourth, what a goal by Jordan Staal.  A few years ago, there were a lot of patches of Staal haters/doubters.  All that's left now are little terror cells.   The goal gave the Pens a huge lift, and it was pretty slick.
Fifth, big goal by Malkin, too.  Obviously.
Sixth, this is the shakiest MAF has been in a while.  To be fair, the loss of Letang, Nisky, and Lovejoy was bound to cause some miscommunication.  Up to the veteran D-men to start adapting to how the young guys play while they perfect the system.
Eight, the scariest part of the night was definitely Sid taking that puck to the face.  After he came back, he didn't look off at all.
Nine, 8 minutes. go pens