RECAP: The Hurt Locker. PENS LOSE

Ilya Kovalchuk is a douche bag.
He is a pompous show-off.  He is annoying.
What is #6 doing?
Kovalchuk is also a world-class, game-changing superstar, something that we don't get to see anymore. 
And, God, does it suck.
So when Michalek got called for a bullshit penalty late in OT and the Devils needed a goal, guess who showed up.  Yeah, it was a wide-open net, but that don't mean shit.
And as you look at all the pics of Kovalchuk celebrating…
…you think of a time not so long ago when the Pens had superstar players…
when Malkin would end a game in OT or Crosby would take shit over.
Now we just have Tyler Kennedy scoring goals.
We're in Hell right now, people. Hell.
Pens fans are being blasted right now because we're complaining that we don't have Crosby or Malkin, all the while every other NHL team seems to get by just fine without two all-world centers on their team.  Having Crosby and Malkin was a beautiful drug, and we're all going through withdrawal right now. Letang in the first period got into a fight with Pat Sajak
He didn't have his jersey tied down, which means he is automatically ejected.
From the NHL Rulebook: goal by the Devils was kind of bizarre. Pens got their goal thanks to the linesman. He ran some interference on Kovaldouche.
Tyler Kennedy cashed it in. Martin with a heroic 35:26 of ice time. the Pens defense played as good as they have all season.
Engo played a hell of a game. Neal was so close to scoring. Believe us. It is coming. But the line of Kovalev-TestTube-Neal doesn't seem to be clicking at all.  Hard to have two big-time scorers on one line. coming back will help that. Pens had a powerplay late in the game. Could not score. game went into OT, and both teams were even. The Devils started to turn it up a little. Michalek got called for a penalty. Pens did their best. Craig Adams laid his life on the line several times. But it wasn't enough. Brent Johnson made a save and couldn't get up. Kovalchuk didn't waste any time.
Bruins in eight minutes.
go to hell