RECAP: The Evgeni Malkin Diaries. PENS WIN.

What a horrible game for Ryan Miller.  That's all it comes down to.  Jason Williams scored that early goal, and Miller was already deflated.  A little later, Dupuis hit the pipe, and Miller already looked defeated.  He was ripe for the picking.  And the Pens rolled.  A Despres goal and Geno's first, and Ryan Miller was yanked.
Toward the end of the first, Malkin scored his second to make it 4-1.  Neal and Engelland scored in the second.  Malkin completed the hat trick in the third.
Really pointless to go in depth and analyze the Penguins during this injury fest.  They just got to keep winning some games and hold the fort.
People who have been afraid to criticize Crosby his entire career have always used Malkin as their whipping boy.  Hard to do that after a 5-point effort.  
Look out.