RECAP: The Casket Is Closed. PENS WIN.

Oh, hey, Devils fans.  What happened?

Do yourself a favor and just watch all 1:01 of this.  Feels so good.

The Penguins not only advanced in their quest to win the Atlantic Division, they buried one of their rivals in the process.  After the game, Kovalchoo pretty much said the Devils are done.
And so it goes.
Marc-Andre Fleury finally has his signature win against Marty Brodeur. 
A 21-save stonewalling accentuated by three straight saves in the shootout.
You have to give the Devils their due. They went on some unrealistic run to get themselves in a position to even sniff the playoffs. But in the end, they ain't coming to the dance.  Maybe they shouldn't have lost 300 games in a row to start the season.
See ya later, Lemaire.
As for the Pens, they are now 1 point away from a playoff berth.
Nick Z.
Impossible to do a period-by-period recap for this game.
Shootout Specialist James Neal came through in crunch time again. period was a combo of the Pens being tired from the night before, and the Devils being tired from playing every game as a playoff game. There was a grand total of four shots or some shit in the first. > Root sports had to jump over some dude, his skate hit the guys helmet. Could have been really bad. and Neal had the best chance of the second. It was some 2-on-1. It fell apart faster than your sac on Christmas. (no idea what that means) thing we love about MAF is that he is not dramatic like Brodeur. Someone hit Marty's hand and he acted like he got shot. Get real. thing that never fails about Devils/Pens games are the refs being awful. No idea why this is. Engo got called for checking someone. A Pen broke his stick and got called for some shit. The Pens PK was sharp. Rupp dropped PCP before the game. Hit everyone that moved solid game for him. the game slipped into OT the Pens were all over the Devils. Kovy hit the crossbar when he tried to do the Malkin  ™ move from the ECF a few years ago. Letang was everywhere. like feel to OT. Nervous city. MAF vs Marty. hit the post, Kovy got stopped. Kovaljoke and some other idiot got stopped by MAF. Neal stepped up to the plate.
He got fat ass down. Had more patience than Dr. Kevorkian.
Top shelf.
This pic tells you all you need to know about the Pens fanbase right now.
Old guy: Long time fan. pumped.
Porky kid: Fan since birth. Pumped
Bald dude: Stand the fuck up man. Sorry the Winter classic jerseys are stupid. Plus points for hopefully being a Malkin shirt though.
Sunglasses: Trendy homo. We've never meant anyone that wears sunglasses inside that isn't a jerk off. MAF vs Elias, game hanging in the balance. A few years ago, Elias smoked MAF for a huge Devils win at the time.
pic from Kyle K.
No dice.
Have a nice offseason Devils fans.