Recap: Sidney Crosby’s Press Conference

From @DixieNormess

It's "likely" that Sidney Crosby will be back in the NHL this season and his doctors expect that he will have a full recovery. There is no timetable for his return.


Crosby came out with two doctors and Ray Shero. Sid was wearing a white shirt, which alluded to positive news. However, he wasn't wearing a hat, which made us speculate that his head was hurting. He had water, but it wasn't Fiji. Somewhere Gary Roberts is angry.

The press conference started off with Ray Shero expressing his condolences to the KHL players who were involved in today's accident as well as their families, loved ones and anyone affected. Then we got down to business.

Sidney Crosby is a Ferrari. His game depends on reflexes, spacial recognition, balance, vision and coordination. All of those things were damaged by the concussion. However, the doctors anticipate that Sidney Crosby will make a full recovery. No timetable is available for his return, but he won't play until he's 100%. No one can say when that is right now.

From @ChristopherOhhh

Sid brushed off questions about his retirement and said that this is the best he's felt since the injury. The doctors said that today is "like Christmas" for Sid and everyone who is concerned for him because today is a celebration. This confused reporters who apparently didn't know what Christmas is. The doctor said they would introduce contact very carefully and their outlook is excellent that he will have a long, fruitful NHL career. We kept waiting for them to say "We can rebuild him. We have the technology," but that moment never came.

Ray Shero said that he's pleased with Sid's progress and Sid again shot down retirement rumors. He was asked if he had prepared himself to never play again and if there is a chance he will retire from this injury. Sid said "I wouldn’t bet on that" with a steely-eyed gaze that may have killed the reporter.

The doctors explained that Sidney Crosby will not play until he's 100% and that his 100% is obviously different than anyone else's. The doctors were then asked about Eric Lindros and several other concussed players and asked to relate those concussions to Crosby's situation. Obviously these doctors weren't Eric Lindros' doctors, so they couldn't answer that. We don't know why anyone thought they would be able to answer that question properly.

Sid said that he was at 89% and the hockey world freaks out because they said 90% before! Or something. Blah, blah, blah, the same questions over and over again. Blah, blah, blah, the same answers. 

Ray Shero said he's still excited about the team and that Sid "will be worth the wait" and that he won't be rushed back. He also mentioned that Evgeni Malkin is healthy and Jordan Staal will have a full training camp this year. Everyone in the room pauses for a moment, as they struggle to remember exactly who Malkin and Staal actually are. Something was said about "making sure the cows are back in the barn" and then it ended.

In brief: Sidney Crosby will be back, but no one knows when.