At one point in this game, it was 2-2. The Boston crowd was chanting "Crosby sucks."  Then Niskanen got run by some asshole and Letang took a stick up high. Then Neal scored. Then he got into a fight.
The blood boils. You're jammed up.  Everyone you know is jammed up. 20 seconds after Neal and Ference go off, Crosby delivers the eventual knockout blow.  It was beautiful.  Exactly how the world is supposed to work.
The Penguins walked into the Bruins' part of town and shit on their porch. It was a nice recovery win in the wake of the Penguins/Flyers fallout. It wasn't exactly pretty, either, but it does the job. The Pens are very much in line to take home the #4 seed in the East. And that is the focus now that the Rangers have clinched the #1 seed.
Stating with certainty that this is the last time the Pens will see the Bruins this season is poppycock.   Pretty good chance these teams will meet again.
Recap after the jump.

Ryan W.


Pens had an early PP.  That didn't work out so well. Bruins ended up having the best scoring chance during those two minutes.

The game was ass for a while.

Neal and Lucic went off for something and pretty much woke everyone up. Crosby scored on the 4-on-4. Dupuis with an assist, extending his point streak to an unrealistic 15 games.


Then came the biggest moment thus far in 2012:

Our world stopped. 2-0.

Bruins scored some bullshit goal two minutes later. 2-1.


Bruins scored 3 seconds into the period to make it 2-2.
The game really dropped off after that goal.  Basically five things happened all period. 
The turning point of the game came late in the second.  Danielle Paille wrecked Niskanen on a dirty hit and went to the box. Off the ensuing faceoff, Letang took a stick up high.  Pens had a 5-on-3 for almost an entire 2 minutes.
40 seconds into the two-man, Neal sniped a puck that had somehow landed on his stick.
Pens still had a chunk of 5-on-4 to work with.  Andrew Ference apparently thought Neal boarded Boychuk or whoever that D-man was behind the net.  So Ference decided to slash and attack James Neal.  Neal responded by decidedly winning the fight.


Bruins fans were excited about that for about 22 seconds.  Then Crosby scored on a perfect setup from Letang.
The lights weren't out in Boston yet.  And then…they were.  6 minutes into the second, the gutless goons decided to score a huge goal.
5-2. Asham with the goal.
Two minutes later, the Bruins scored to make it 5-3.  Yeah okay.
Big moment came late in the game when Joe Vitale took a Chara snap shot to the head.

Boston cried a little more, and the game was over. 
  • This time of year, power plays basically decide games. This game was no different.
  • Quiet game for Malkin.
  • Do you play Crosby/Malkin in Philly if you wrap up home ice on Thursday?
  • Pens D still looks out of sorts. Only played with five, though.
  • Hope Niskanen and Vitale are okay.