RECAP: Shuffle off to vomitville. PENS LOSE.


This is one of those games were you develop an unhealthy hatred of the Buffalo Sabres. From the minute the puck dropped, the Sabres and their fans were trolling.
Patrick Kaleta
Robin Reghr
Derek Roy
Paul Gaustad
Jason Pominville
Hard to imagine five bigger douches this weekend.
Derek Roy's career is such a joke.
At one point, this game was 3-2 and the Pens had a lot of hope.  But Saturday's game against Philly took something out of the Penguins, and it was evident.  Still amazing how the Pens can have a game like this, and people treat it like Game 7 of the Finals.  Pens just didn't have it.  Maybe it was Johnson giving up those early goals.  Can't put too much stock in this game.  Too many big games coming up to even think about this game anymore.
Buffalo's only concern right now is when they will be picking in the entry draft. Completely irrelevant team.