RECAP: Shootout At The CEC Corral. PENS WIN
If Marc-Andre Fleury was the player you criticized as the Pens struggled in late October, it only makes sense to heap praise upon him during the current surge the Pens are on.

In the last few weeks, MAF has been as solid as we've ever seen him, as have the Pens special teams. This game was a microcosm of the Pens's current five-game winning streak: good goaltending, unreal penalty kill, and timely powerplay goals.

For Saturday's 1:00 game against Calgary, expect Brent Johnson in net, as the Pens play a non-Eastern conference team and have a division battle with the Rags in MSG on Monday.

Hopefully the Pens never play a game on the Friday after Thanksgiving ever again.
Just too weird.

Crosby is apparently too good to be interviewed during warmups.

Dupes and Kunitz get a chance on the first shift.
Dupes gets it to the net, Kunitz flies in at 200 miles an hour.

Steigerwald says Kennedy always plays well against the Senators.
All we can remember is some slapshot he scored on.

Fleury gets tested by Alfredsson running the train on him.
Fleury falls and has a Life Alert moment.

MAF makes a solid save on Steven Regal.

Crosby goes in 1-on-3 and almost pulls off something ridiculous.
Nothing better than seeing Bing skating like that.

Kennedy had a chance at the end of a shift.
All he had left was to do a slapper.  Save.

Chris Neil gives Geno a solid hit on the boards in the Pens' zone.
Malkin lurks and lines Neil up a few seconds later.
But Malkin kept trying to job Neil.  That is why Malkin gets penalties.
He didn't get a penalty because MAF goes windmill on Chris Kelly with a glove save.

Senators wouldn't stop shooting, though.
Winchester Esquire gets a juicy rebound.


Solid Nords Jersey. Great stunned faces in the crowd.

Pens defensive pairing of Lovejoy and Goalagainstki is vomit city and can be blamed for the goal.
Lovejoy was nowhere to found on that play.
Sens contuine to pepper MAF for the period. Malkin tried to kill Neil.

Period Recap: Sens came to play.
Conner-Letestu-Kennedy flying around.
No penalties.

Early in the second, MAF loses his stick.  Letestu, a forward, skated right past MAF at least three times without giving him his stick. Finally, Goalagainstski gave him his, even though he's a defenseman.  No harm, no foul, no homo.

Pens start moving the puck around in the Sens' zone.

Orpik almost scores twice, good shifts by the third line of Kennedy-TestTube- Connor.

Pens start swarming, but Talbot and Cooke make some joke into a sandwich. Penalty on Cooke.
Senators powerplay is stupid. They have Gonch on the left point.
Pens kill it.

Then Karlsson blatantly interferes with Crosby.  Pens get a PP.
Huge save by Leclaire on Crosby early in the PP.
Then Leclaire makes a save on Letang.

In the final gasp of the PP, Malkin was everywhere.
Crosby embarrasses Gonchar on his way to the net.
Rebound comes out to Malkin.  1-1.

Creepiest pic of the season thus far.

Pens have to kill a penalty on Mike Rupp soon after.  So they do.
Senators get a penalty for some reason.  Powerplay looks good. Malkin has a chance.  Leclaire makes some big-time saves.
Leclaire making unreal saves on Kennedy-Letestu-Conner PP.
Unconventional idea to have turds on a PP unit, but it was interesting.

Cooke almost gets paralyzed to start the period.

The Midget line draws two penalties on the same shift early in the third.
Pens don't get a 5-on-3 because the same guy took both.  Have never seen that.

The first powerplay unit can't do anything.
Pens go into the second power play with the Midget line.
Mike Fisher gets interfered with by Test Tube
Carrie Underwood is waiting for him at home.  No clue why he's upset.
Goalforski has 5 minutes to walk in toward Leclaire.  Snipe. 2-1.

wicked shot.

Trust Fund Cory was irate buying the call against Malkin that was coming.

 Pens PK jumps onto the ice after Malkin gets profiled for a makeup call.  Fans come alive to appreciate the kill.

Then Chris Neil starts trolling. Lovejoy puts his stick into Chris Neil's face.
Chris Neil flips out.

Chris Neil couldn't keep his composure and jobbed Fleury.
Looked like he grabbed his leg and wasn't letting go.
Conner serves a MAF penalty, and Neil goes off.

During the 4-on-4, Spezza leads a 3-on-1 rush.  But he sucks..
Pens go the other way.  Great pass by Malkin to Orpik.
Orpik completely misses the net.

Goalforski makes another good defensive play. No one can believe it.

Malkin and Dupes almost hook up for a goal, but Leclaire is business.

Tick tick tick. 5 minutes left.

Leclaire heads off with 1:20 left.
FSN freeze-frame.

Game. and Malkin had a nice little battle going. Funny story about Kovalev that Errey and Steigy were talking about. [SI.COM] sucks. line could be solid. Way to early to tell.

1. Marc-Andre Fleury – Top notch performance

2. Pascal Leclaire – Equally as good as MAF. Made a sick save on Crosby,

3. Goalagainstki- Started slow, but got somewhat better. GW goal, man,