RECAP: Saved by the final buzzer. PENS LOSE.
If this game demonstrated anything, it is how imperative it is to have solid goaltending.
Yes, the Pens defense was less than spectacular, but a good goalie can go a long way.
Brad Thiessen was a mess in this game, and the Penguins defense wasn't much better. When those add up you have a nightmare.
There is no sense of getting all jammed up about, but you have to throw the question out there. Why start Thiessen in this game, with every game in the next two weeks ever so huge?
Yes, MAF can't play every night, but there is just so much at stake.
Example last night. Going into the game the Pens trailed the Rangers by a point, and led the Flyers by four points.
Flyers and Rangers both win, all of a sudden Pens are three behind the Rangers, and the Flyers are just two behind the Pens. As they come down the stretch this just shows how every game means everything.
We guess in the long run it doesn't really matter. Getting the number one seed matches up with either Buffalo or the Caps. No real bargain. But still preventing the holy war with the Flyers in the first round.
As they say it is six of one and one half dozen of the other.
We'll chalk this one up to just one of those games. Huge game against the Devils tonight.
Some more thoughts about this one after readmore.



  • Via Josh Yohe of the trib. Matt Cooke was jacked about the refs:

"They're staring at penalties that they're not calling intentionally," Cooke said. "It's frustrating."


  • Cooke was also steamed about the goalie interference  he got called for. He called it "embarassing," and it was.

Huge moment in the game. Sens got a powerplay and made it 3-2


  • There was another play mid-way through the third. Score was 5-4, and Asham got held by Chris Phillips. No call, and then that is when Spezza scored on a breakaway. Hard to blame for the refs though. Pens defense on that play made limited sense.
  • Crosby's hand-eye is back to where it should be.  He kicked that one puck to keep himself onside and he put one home.  Then his spin-o-rama move?  Good lord.  

That's a pretty solid thing to take away from this game.

  • Malkin's line got shut down for most of the game. Pens were really mixing the lines.
  • Daniel Alfredsson has to be in the top ten of all time Penguin killers doesn't he? Four points last night, 62 points in 62 games in his career against the Pens.
  • A win against the Devils makes this game mean nothing.
  • Still think it was the anthem singers fault.