RECAP: Saved by the Bell. PENS WIN


What is there to say about this one?  It was almost a pray-no-one-gets-hurt kind of game.  Pens fell into a 2-0 hole and somehow climbed out of those depths to take a 3-2 win all the way to the bank.  Thiessen looks like exactly what he is.  He's not gonna steal any games for the Pens, and he's not going to be asked to anytime soon. 

The Neal-Malkin-Kunitz line carried this team through the dog days of winter.  That line may be laying low for a while, so here comes the Pens secondary scoring.  Dupuis put home two in this game, and Jordan Staal, who honestly can't be considered a secondary scorer at this point, is in the best shape of his career.

Still can't find anything bad to say about Strait, either.  Which reminds us that the Pens are also missing Letang, but it sounds like he's already doing light workouts.  The next couple weeks and hopefully months are going to be fun.

Site issues and the fact that the Maple Leafs blow prevent us from caring anymore about this game.