RECAP: Malkin city never sleeps, better slip Lundqvist an Ambien. PENS WIN.
Shutout city for MAF.  Third of the season.
Couldn't tell you when the other two were without looking it up.
If tears were gasoline, you could drive your car for unlimited miles with the Rangers' tears. In typical John Tortorella fashion, he tried to work the officials all night. He got calls and non-calls. But in the end he didn't get the win.  The Pens played a playoff game that no question made a statement.
The last three Pens games have proven our mantra that we spew ad nauseam about not getting too high or too low.  And look at the Pens' position. The Pens won Tuesday night, as did the Flyers and Devils. So the Penguins remain in 6th place. And honestly that isn't a bad position to be in. Who would you rather play: the Flyers/Devils or the Southeast Division winner?
The big thing about this win is that the Pens finally beat the Rangers at home, and they have now beaten them twice in a row. The road to the Cup probably goes down Broadway this year. A Pens/Rangers series would be better than Jeremy Lin's whole life.
Last two games before the trade deadline this weekend.  Rick Nash may play his last game in a Blue Jackets uniform on CONSOL ice.
The Rangers started off the game by trapping up the Pens. In actuality, they were simply taking away the stretch passes along the boards. Pens spent the first minute of the game skating in circles in their own zone.
Then the Rangers opened up for some reason. And that opened a window for the Pens to enter the Rangers zone, and it looked like the Pens would never leave. Malkin made some inhumane pass at the point. They sustained a solid minute or so of pressure then made the shits use their timeout after an icing.
Adams delivered a Grave Digger-esque hit on some guy.
Pens killed a Lovejoy penalty. That was it.
This was some bizarre poll:
thanks to fitz

If you were doing something during the intermission and misgauged your 17-minute time window, you got screwed.  Malkin got sprung on a breakaway a minute into the period and embarrassed Lundqvist.
Niskanen went off after retaliating. MAF made a huge save on Anisimov. Killed.
Asham wanted to fight someone.
Then Steve Sullivan got on the board to make it 2-0.
Brad Richards was being a dick somewhere.
Torts worked the officials all night, like a dick. But somehow the Rangers didn't get too many calls.
Dubinsky kind of ran MAF, but the powerplay was negated after some strange call on Matt Cooke.
The rest of the third was really a blur. The Pens had three or four blazing shifts.
Jordan Staal was PCP for most of the game. Heroic effort from him in our opinion.
Before you knew it Henrik went to the bench.
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Not today Torts.
  • No Dustin Jeffrey.  Bizarre.
  • Paul Martin.
  • Did Mike Rupp play?
  • Does Brad Richards still play for the Rangers?
  • MAF was flawless