RECAP: Ranger than fiction. PENS WIN.


The Penguins played their best game in what seems like forever. Getting Kris Letang back, the Penguins used a total team effort to win in MSG. Any respect gained from 24/7 was wiped away quickly after realizing how douchey the Rangers are. Going into the game, the last time the Penguins won a game against a team not from the Southeast Division was December 20th. Last week at this time, you were looking into vacations around the second week of April. This week, you're back to talking yourself into this team making a run. NHL seasons. Nothing like them. Pens have a date with Montreal and the villain P.K. Subban Friday night.





Paul Martin almost hits the powerball. Henrik says no, but Kunitz was there to put home the trash. 1-0.

Pens outshot the rangers 5-0 by the first commercial break. Malkin picking passes off everywhere. Tangradi fights Stu Bickell. Huge mistake.

Malkin and Dubinsky get into it. Letang turns the puck over. Forgot how fast he is to recover. So good to see him back. Malkin low-bridges Boyle, because Boyle is an idiot. Michalek steps in. 4-on-4, and the Rangers were everywhere. High pace. Rangers making it obvious that they want to hit Malkin every time he is out there. Hate it, but that is good coaching by Torts. Give credit to Malkin because he took the beating and came back for more.

Letang plays hockey like he is trying to replicate war scenes from different movies. One of his underrated traits. He had some unreal block in the first, too. Probably the best period of hockey Paul Martin played all season. Brandon Prust played the douchiest 4 minutes since any film Robert Redford has been in:




Letang draws a penalty by being stronger than Brandon Dubinsky.

First powerplay for the Pens. Powerplay sucked, Rangers hit a post right after they killed it.

Rangers taking shots at Neal and Malkin still. Pens not doing the same to Rangers stars. 

Mike Rupp sucks.

Cooke responds and actually hits Brad Richards. Richards collapses like he was shot. Didn't show up the rest of the game. Some idiot scores for the Rangers. 1-1.

Malkin had a chance. Eric Tangradi looks lost. We've seen Betty Crocker do more in five minutes. Rangers getting chances everywhere, Neal takes a penalty. But it really wasn't it. Whatev. Martin with a big block. Letang strong too.




Rangers get a chance after a bad Malkin turnover. Malkin atones and cleans up the mess. Very next shift, Cookie leads a 3-on-1 rush with Engo and Park. Cooke dishes to Engo, Engo to Park.

 2-1. Richard Park is intense. Check out the death stare he gives Henrik:


Overall, Cooke-Park-Sullivan line doing things. Pens get to their game big-time. Dustin Jeffrey almost slips one past Henrik. And then it was Malkin time. He stole a puck from Marc Staal, blew past some guy, went upstairs with Lundy's girlfriend. 

Listen to Mike Lange's call and tell us this wasn't an emotional goal:

3-1. Goal sucked the life out of the Rangers. Paul Martin notably got stronger throughout the game. Starting to see how unreal Letang is. Niskanen takes a penalty after Rule 234 states Ryan Callahan must draw one penalty a game. Matt Cooke is paid for these type of kills. Pens PK shuts the door. MAF had to make a few saves to keep it at 3-1. Rangers pull Henrik, Neal and Malkin hook up again. Malkin with another goal.


Interesting note at the end of the game: Brandon Prust runs MAF, and the Pens respond by putting their top PP out there. Games ends. HUUUUUUGE WIN.



  • The best part of the internet is that after games like this people start rattling off MAF stats, and then they say something like " the haters won't like that." What does that mean? Where are these haters?
  • Dustin Jeffrey is going to score some big goal coming up.
  • Brad Richards is soft.