RECAP: Power Surge. PENS WIN.

Minnesota was basically playing an AHL lineup, but whatever. The Pens took the game over midway through the second period and started scoring powerplay goals. Malkin put the NHL on notice again with a scary performance, and Joe Morrow is really good.  Penguins may not lose a game all season. Also, no one got hurt.
Some more thoughts, vids, and the first ROOT Sports mess-up of the year…


3.  Brad Thiessen 

Thiessen has been as good as anyone in camp. Another solid performance in net. Nothing overly flashy, but just solid. Minnesota had two 5-on-3's during the game, and Thiessen made the saves he had to. Feel 100% comfortable with Thiessen if something happens to MAF or Johnny. And don't think it can't happen. RE: John Curry vs. Vancouver a few years ago.


2. Kris Letang and Joe Morrow 


Such a great pairing. Morrow is so much like Letang when Letang first came up. They somehow found instant chemistry, and really play well together.   Everything he does looks so effortless.  He's probably the best player in the world right now.  Morrow blistered a goal home on the powerplay:

Letang came right back after the Morrow goal and rung one off the post. Letang had tons of other chances, too, and nearly scored. It looks like he is slowing his game down, in a good way. It is going to be really hard to send Morrow back to Juniors. Have to wonder if he has earned a 10-game look, much like Letang did.


1. Evgeni Malkin 

This is the best Malkin has looked since the Carolina series in '09. He looks stronger on the puck, and his vision is just disgusting.  You know he's comfortable when he stickhandles into the high slot.  Didn't see him do that last year. The pass he made to Dupes was just flat-out nasty.  Malkin had 3 points in 13:30 of ice time.


Richard Park took like 30 penalties. Not a good thing.  Bylsma is ALWAYS talking to Park on the bench: possibly a subtle sign that Disco really wants Park to learn this system.

If Steve MacIntrye gets an NHL roster spot, we will hold City Hall hostage.

Eric Tangradi smoked Matt Cullen then fought some guy:


ROOT Sports in fine form:


Nick Johnson is solid. So is Colin McDonald. Have to think one of those guys makes the team.

The Pens had a kids day at CONSOL. It was something that was requested, as they usually only play two home games in the preseason. Solid move.  Some kids were even announcing some stuff over the P.A. during the game.

Paul Martin's new nickname is Speaker of the House.

It felt really good brushing fallen leaves off your car before heading to a Pens game.