RECAP: Peters Panned. PENS WIN

Another game in CEC, another blown lead. 
But thanks to the fact Justin Peters got his assed kicked in the shootout, the Pens get the extra point.
Weird feeling about the Penguins.  
It's good to see them winning games, but still feel like there are some massive problems. 
Do these wins mask the problems?  No clue.  We'll know in April.
Some positive stuff though, too.  Kunitz played like he was on angel dust all game. 
And no question Crosby is 110% healthy.  4-point game.

Ellen and spaz

The Canes score. 1-0.
Then the Crosbies get a PP.
Nothing happening in those two minutes except for Kunitz going up to snare a puck.

Looking back, it was a foreshadowing of Chris Kunitz's unreal game.

After the PP, Malkin leads a rush, dishes it back to Kunitz.
Kunitz goes top shelf while Malkin goes into the basement .

Fleury had to make a couple saves after that goal.
The Goalagainstski-Engelland pairing isn't going to fly.

Sid leads a rush. Passes to Letang. Letang shoots it, and it hits a skate.
All in one motion, Bing one-touches the loose puck to Kennedy.

Easy goal.  Justin Peters sucks.
Wide open net.  Still dishes it to Kennedy.
This isn't being unselfish.  It's just recognizing the best way to score.

After some shit, the Canes were hungry again.
Somebody shoots it to the net.   No one knows where it's at.  Except for Bud Dwyer.  2-2.
Big goal for the Canes.

Period recap:  Game looked like it might be blowout city, but the Canes hang in there.

Things moving to start the second.

Kris Letang apparently jumps into Errey when trying to get onto the bench.

Errey and Steiggy talk about it for an hour, but FSN doesn't bother showing a replay.
See, that's something we'd want to look at.

Yes: Seeing Letang give Errey the business.

No: Alyssa Milano saving dolphins.

No idea when this pic happened:

After some shit, Crosby scores a goal off a rebound.  3-2.

But the Canes come right back. Geno's line gets stuck on the ice.
Blysma forgets he can call a timeout if something like that happens.
Jokinen at the backdoor.

Pens have to kill some penalty at the end.

Period recap: Holy hell.


Both goalies had to make some saves to start the third.

About 7 minutes into the third, the Pens get a PP.
PP looked sharp.  Malkin hit a pipe.  Paul Martin is pretty decent on the PP.

Still on the powerplay, Kunitz was alone in front and puts it home.
No he doesn't.  Yes he does.  But the whistle blew.
They go to review.

The whistle obviously blows before it goes over the line.
Add in the "intent to blow," then that definitely SHOULD NOT have been a goal.
We'll take it.  Kunitz city.  4-3.
The ref's explanation was less than stellar.

As you can imagine, Paul Maurice wasn't pleased about the call. 
And this was before he was able to see the replay synced up with the audio.
He threatens to do a pile of cocaine on the bench.
If he O.D.'s, that means Francis becomes the Canes' coach, which means Canes win the Cup.

Pens try to protect the lead, Carolina is still pissed about the call.
Letang gets slashed and starts bitching about it.
No clue if he was aware of the break the Pens had just got.

Tick tick tick.
That's the sound of your balls in your mouth.

Pens try to buckle down…and do, for the most part.  But Eric Staal takes over.
Under a minute to play, Staal, with Peters pulled, destroys Orpik.  Gets the puck to juicy fruit.
4-4.  Pens blow another lead.  Shit.
Only fair, though.
Pens were rattled in the first part of OT.
Two turnovers on blind passes in the neutral zone almost killed the night.

First, Goalagainstski has an awful turnover, but he gets bailed out.

But that was nowhere near as bad as Test Tube's, though.  Carrying the puck through the neutral zone, he tries to force some pass to Malkin.  It turns into an 8-on-1 for the Canes.  But MAF makes a huge save.  Letang gave the Canes as little room to operate as possible.  Best part of the sequence was Letestu coming back after the play, and if you can read lips, he told MAF "Thank you."

MAF makes another huge save, then the Pens turn it up.
Malkin almost scores on a backhand.
Joe Corvo then turns it over to Crosby, but he can't finish either.


The shootout was delayed for at least 10 minutes to appease Jussi Jokinen, who needed the ice cleaner.
Both benches were getting a kick out of it, as the Canes bench probably thought the Zamboni driver was giving the Penguins home-ice advantage.  But that probably wasn't the case; did you see the Zamboni driver when he had to come back out?   Looked like he was interrupted in the middle of a fag break.  Seemed like the last place he wanted to be was at the Pens game.

Props to Kaitlin G. for this video of the shootout.

First up for the Pens. Letang.
Peters still looking for his anus.  Scores.  1-0.

Lynyrd Skinner for the Canes, no.

Crosby up.
Not sure if he even tried.

Jokinen goes for the move on MAF.

Game. Errey said, that during the third period, Bylsma was saying "14 more shots."
No clue if he thinks shots decide games now. career point #400. 4 point night. Milano sucks.  She was on "Spin City" for 4 years.  Underrated show.