RECAP: Patch Adams. PENS WIN.

Sometime this upcoming summer, we are going to sit down and list some rules you have to remember when watching a Pens game.  Rule 1.4 is going to be:  "Whenever the Penguins play the Islanders and the Isles start a goalie no one has heard of, expect that goalie to play out of his mind."  Rule 1.5 is going to be "Rick DiPietro sucks."
Hell, Rule 1.4 would go for any team the Pens play, not just the Islanders.  If you didn't expect the Isles goalie,  rookie Kevin Poulin, to play well, then you're an idiot. He made some solid saves and looks like he is going to be good.  Patrick Roy likes him, but Roy is a dick.
At the other end, though, Marc-Andre Fleury was a $5mill-per-year goalie for the second game in a row.   If the Isles had scored one goal in this game, they would've never looked back. But MAF carried the Pens and finally got himself a much-deserved shutout.
The offense was garbage city, but that isn't a surprise at this point.  When you have Jordan Staal and 11 grinders taking the ice, no one has any idea where the offense is going to come from. But Craig Adams stepped up and scored a huge goal.  That is why he is on the Do Not Job list.
The Pens go into the All Star break with 31 wins and 66 points.
How are there only 32 games left in the season?
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Tyler Kennedy and some dude got in a fight:


A few minutes later, Asham city and Tatanka go toe-to-toe:

Perm on right.  Granny taking pics on the left.  Beautiful.

The law firm of P.A. Parenteau runs MAF.  Easy call.

PERIOD RECAP:  So much better than the previous two games.   MAF made at least one of those saves where you were already saying "oh shit" as the Isle player got the puck.
Isles coach Jack Capuano sounds like a character's name in a Leonardo DiCaprio movie.


Also feel like he should be a supporting role in some '80s movie about bikers.

Not exactly sure why this matters.


Really entertaining second period with both teams flying around. Kyle Opjoko hit the post about five minutes in. The Isle didn’t have a lot of shots, but the ones they had were great scoring chances.


On the other end, the Poulin Wall was matching MAF.

Talbot got a partial breakaway, and Poulin made some unreal save.


Later on in the period, Kris Letang murdered Tavares.

Crosby was probably pumped about it then got a headache.


You really have to wonder how Malkin and Crosby are watching the game together.

Do they just make jokes? Are they planning secret plays?  Wish 24/7 was back.


Nothing really else happened. Welcome to grind city.


PERIOD RECAP: Poulin wall and MAF in a pitchers' duel after two.

Both teams trade powerplays.  Nothing happening.


Then, finall,y a goal. Dustin Jeffrey wins a faceoff, Lovejoy gets it on net.

Asham gets the rebound, and the puck finds its way to Craig Adams. Craig F Adams in your mouth. 1-0.



We know Wilkes-Blog champions Jeffrey everyday, but the guy creates things. He didn’t dominate, but he drew a penalty, and without the faceoff win, there isn’t a goal.  He has been good, not great.  No dude playing in his first 10 NHL games is gonna be great.  Probably gonna score some big Game 6 goal.


MAF goes back to making saves, as does Poulin.

The Isles take a penalty, and the Pens powerplay squanders a chance to bury one.


Under a minute to play, the Isles were still getting chances.

MAF still saying no.


All kinds of bouncing pucks and shit.  Not today.  Game.

Steelers are wearing white in the Super Bowl.