RECAP: Park and Ride. PENS WIN.

Good to be back.
This game had all the markings of a trap game. When teams come home from a west-coast trip, they usually have a tough go of it. The Pens didn't really have that problem. The Pens broke the Panthers' will to live sometime after the James Neal goal.
Another game. Another team grinded down.
It is really hard to get invested in a game against Florida, even this early into the season. But Thursday the Washington Capitals come to town. Hopefully Malkin will be back. If not Richard Park 4 life.
P.S. Matt Cooke is on pace for 60 goals.
James Neal is on pace for 40 goals.
Fleury is on pace for 60 wins.
Kris Letang will win the Art Ross with 120 points.
Recap city…
Emotional player intros prior to the game.  And there was some Great Day For Hockey banner being circulated throughout the crowd.
Malkin and Crosby walked out to the bench during the intros:
Plain suit/tie combo for Crosby.  Macy's must have had a deal.
Pens didn't turn off the lasers for the Sid intro. Probably a good thing.
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Everything felt good until Kris Letang went off for tripping like 4 seconds into the game.  Pens killed it.  That was huge. Could have been messy. They got away with another trip on that kill, too.

Florida went to the box for something, and the Pens PP looked good.  Real good.  No dice.  Kennedy hit a post.


Pens keep plugging away and finally get something in the net.  Solid pass from Vitale to Dupuis.  1-0. 

Glorious celebrations in the background.
Goal was at 14:57.  $50 goes to…
Panthers almost tied it soon after that, and Fleury had to do some crazy shit.  Great views from the Root Sports cameras. AGH Cam is like eye crack.

Right after that, the Panthers were going to the box for hooking. Power play couldn't get shit working.  Killed.
pic from dave b.

Mr. Garrison hits Letestu early in the second.  Yet another power play for the Pens. Killed.
Pens got jobbed on a couple icing calls.

Then Pascal Dupuis dishes a sweet pass to Joe Vitale.  Cooke drives the net.  Joey V gets it to him. The Changed Man™ puts it home.  2-0.

Apparently Cooke got a standing ovation during the player introductions.
What a game for Fifth Avenue Joe.  Did more in this game than Talbot did the past two seasons.
Right afterward, Neal can't finish off a puck in front.  The Panthers go the other way. Goal.  2-1.  What a downer.
Panthers had some big-time momentum.

It could've gotten worse right after that when Matt Cooke went off.  Instead, Richard Park makes an appearance.  Craig Adams forces a turnover, and it goes to Park.  He blasts a slapshot in Theodore's mouth.  It hits the post, comes back out, hits a Panther, and goes in.

Staal went off at the end of the period, and the Pens basically killed off all of it.

Third period was strange. Started with a lull for the Pens. The Panthers were dancing around and pulled MAF in like 8,000 different directions.
Some guy scored. 3-2. Gulp city.
But the Pens played through it. Jordan Staal got his legs going and used a power move to get to the net.  Puck off the pad. James Neal with the tip-in.
4-2. Huuuuuuuuuge goal.
After that, the Panthers couldn't really get anything going. MAF was on top of shit. The Panthers are going to be pretty decent once they get to play some more games. In like two months they are going to be a tough two points.
As time ticked down, the Pens took a penalty.  Then the Panthers pulled Theodore.  Up by 2, last 20 seconds of the game.  The stage was set for MAF to go for the gusto at the other end of the ice. But Deryk Engelland would have none of it.  All business. Somehow the Panthers didn't score.
Grant H.
Game. As PSAMP said. go eat a rat dick.
-No Kenny tribute.  Disappointing.
-Fifth Avenue Joe is a beast.
-Engo/Letang: +3
-Dear Ryan Mill.  Time to bury the Kennedy…KENNEDY thing. Let it go. Please. Those people who you think like it, they are actually making fun of you. EVERYONE HATES IT. EVERYONE. Idiot.
-Go Pens