RECAP: One Night In Bangkok. PENS WIN.
Pens won this 6-4.  Pens are already heading to Buffalo.
Recap after the jump:
Hartnell kicked things off by trying to buy a boarding call on Letang. Embarrassing flop.  After some shit, Cooke chased down a loose puck.  He had Asham on a 2-on-1.  Cooke was shooting the whole way.   Cittttyyyy 1-0.

Coburn got away with a crosscheck on Malkin.  But then he did it again.  Stupid.  Pens jumped on the PP.  Max Talbot had a shorthanded threat, but he fell.  Killed.

Later, Hartnell tried to thread a pass to Giroux.  Giroux got a piece of it, then Engo got a piece of Giroux.
Maaaaaaan.  The only evidence that Giroux played in this game, too. Giroux looked lost afterward.  Hartnell went after Engelland and did nothing.

Flyers got physical after that.  Hartnell taking runs at everyone.  Malkin hit a post.  Then the game got jacked up.  Adams went off for interference.  Then the Flyers took a penalty.  Double J all business.  1-1.

Staal went off as a makeup call for that Flyers penalty.  Jagr again.  2-1.

MAF made some saves after that second JJ goal that he had to make.

1.4 seconds left in the first, and JVR slashes Neal.  Stupidity.

JVR penalty was killed.
Martin took a penalty.  Killed.
Vitale went to the box.  MAF big save on Hartnell.

Staal hit Coburn from behind.  Probably gonna get a call from Shanahan's butthole.
Then Grossman held up Malkin.  Everything killed.

Dupuis tripped someone late in the second.  Staal scored on the PK.  It's all he does.
Cris Carter of hockey basically.  2-2.
Then Orpik goes off, and the Pens had to kill a 5-on-3. Craig Adams raced to a loose puck like that scene in Behind Enemy Lines and cleared it.  Then Matt Cooke found himself behind the defense. Gets hooked up.  Still puts it home.  3-2.  5-on-3 goal.  Bryz sucks.  In comes Rob Rossi.
Via Empty Netters, the Pens' last 5-on-3 shorty was in 1988:

Pens were looking good.  Then Engelland fell.  Flyers tie it.  3-3.  Yikes.

Early in the third, the Flyers were playing grab-ass in their own zone.  Pens get the puck.

Jeffrey stuffs one home.  4-3.

Then Dupuis throws one in.  5-3.  Oh god.

Then Neal applied the final nail.  6-3.

Shit got chippy after that.  Malkin and Hartnell chirping.  Talbot jumps on and has a chance to get under Malkin's skin, something Talbot used to do to opponents when he was a Pen.  Instead, Talbot leaves Malkin be.  Wimp.

Flyers scored a meaningless goal.

Game.  Officiating blew.