What a game……..
If you're a butthole, then you will for some reason pin this loss on Brent Johnson.
The big problem with that is that the Pens didn't even score one goal.
Last night, this group of Pens wouldn't have gotten to their game if they were playing Leapin' Louie.  Would the team that dressed for this game eventually be a formidable NHL club?  Absolutely.  After all, when you consider Fleury sitting this one out, Shero would have about $20 million to spend to bring in some scorers and a number-one goalie.
So don't listen to anyone shoving their balls in your face and saying that the Pens are nothing without Crosby and Malkin.   Name us one team in the NHL that wouldn't have tough times if you take their two biggest scorers out of the equation. 
Worst game of the season. Nothing good happened.
No clue why anyone's reading this.
Lisa city

As the old saying goes, the Pens must be pregnant, because they missed a period.  By the time they woke up midway through the second, they were greeted by a hot goaltender and Chris Phillips.  That's like waking up after a threesome with Stone Phillips and Sally Wiggin.  You know you're in a bad spot and you're going to get it hard.
The Sens got an unrealistic performance from Erik Karlsson, who had two goals and a assist.
He almost had the first goal, as well. He was a beast.
Chris Phillips stole Michalek's foursquare badge as the Mayor of Shutdown City.
He was able to contain Geno and Bing.
When the Pens go down 2 goals early to a team on the road in the playoffs, we can look back at this game and give thanks.   Pens were long overdue for a game like this.  You need shit like this during the season so you don't stand around with your thumb up your butt when it happens at a bigger moment.
Pens welcome Atlanta on Tuesday at CEC.
After the doorman gets things going, it becomes evident that the Pens don't want to be there.
Can't blame them.  It can be argued it was a tough game for fans to get up for, as well.
Gods drops the gloves with Matt Carkner.
Safe to say Carkner wins.
MAF had to make all kinds of saves early.  Senators looked ready to play.  Penguins did not.
All the Penguins missing passes, Tyler Kennedy, etc.
Dupes tried the Dupuis Shot™ from the left wing.  He fanned on it.  Badly.
Midway through the first, Crosby tries to be all fancy on some play.
He turns it over then takes a penalty.  Must have used the wrong peanut butter.
Sens take little time to score.
Karlsson floats one to the net.  It hits Paul Martin's stick.  Goal.  1-0.
Taken from Game Three of '07 playoffs.
Looks like he's been working on his goal celebration.
The Senators outshot the Penguins 12-6 in the first period.
Crosby takes another penalty.
On the delayed call, the Sens pull the goalie. Kunitz does some strange dive play.
Karlsson drags it around him.  Laser beam central. 2-0.
The wonderful period ends with a terrible charging penalty on Kunitz.
Tough calls all night.
Period recap: Pens didn't show up.
The Sens waste no time on the powerplay.  Karlsson laser shot.  3-0.
It looked for a moment like Bylsma was summoning Tim Curry at the end of the bench to put shit on.
Jason Spezza goes into the Pens zone and forgets how to skate.
Kris Letang nudges him, and Jason Spezza puts on a show.
Somehow it was 4-on-4 after all that.
The Pens start their assault on Bill Elliot.  Shot after shot after shot.
Pens outshot the Sens 22-6 in the second period.  No goals.
Deryk Engelland wakes the Pens up some more with a great hit on Alfie.
Foligno wants to drop the gloves with him.  Chris Phillips jumps in, so the Pens get a PP.
A bizarre move came a little late when Eric Godard and his one eye came out to challenge Carkner again.
It was kind of comical that he wanted to fight again.
Is there an unwritten rule about not fighting a guy because he can't see?
Anyway, Godard gets a 10-minute misconduct and was probably gone for the game.
Tick tick tick.
It was already looking like Crosby's point streak was toast.
Bill Elliot was acting like the restrictor plate was taken off at Talladega.
Ruutu goes to the box for a ticky-tack call.
It gets evened up when Stone Phillips dives 'cause he knew the Pens had numbers going the other way.
Hopefully, the people who jumped on Malkin for the Philly game last week jumped on Crosby in this one.
At least Malkin scored two goals.
lights out
Period recap: Pens finally start dictating shit.
Missy Elliot was solid.

Not much to say about the third period.
Pens were coming in waves.
From the opening faceoff of the third, all eyes were focused on Crosby.
He ended up logging 10:33 of ice time in the third.
It was frustrating to watch.
Then Nick Foligno takes an opportune bounce in on a breakaway against MAF.
He gets jobbed, so he gets a penalty shot.  But wait.
As Bob Errey pointed out on the Pens feed, it just so happened the netting met in the exact spot where white could have been seen.
Can you imagine if this was the scene for the Mike Green goal last week?  That would've been hilarious.
MAF makes a great save on the ensuing penalty shot.  We mentioned at the time that we wished it was gonna be a goal, since there was a better chance of Crosby getting a point in garbage time of a 4-0 game than a 3-0 game.
Turns out it didn't matter to Sid.
The time was ticking down.
Bylsma was triple-shifting Crosby.
With about 6 minutes left, he had an open look on a slapper.
Hits the intersection of the post and crossbar.
Under 4 minutes to go, Kunitz and Cooke start banging behind the Sens' net.
The third forward is nowhere to be found.
Out of nowhere swoops in Crosby.  He gets it to the net.
Bill Elliot tries to grab with his glove.  He fails, and it hits a d-man and goes in.  3-1.
what a shirt
Should've had an expo.
Google searches for things related to 25 will sky-rocket today.
On the next faceoff, Kris Letang is cheating up.  Almost looks like he's gonna take the faceoff.
Sid wins it forward, and Letang draws a tripping call.
If you didn't perk up for that PP, there's something wrong with you.
Pens couldn't put it home anyway.
Pulled MAF.  Nothing.  Game. Will be interesting to see if Bylsma pulls MAF in a blowout to give Sid a chance to extend a streak. Godard got jacked. No clue why Matt Cooke went to the box during that one scrum. Christmas is over.  Stop showing commercials.