RECAP: In A New York Minute. PENS LOSE.
Clearly Chris Kunitz is the MVP of the Penguins  12-0 with him.  0-2 without.
Pens had the tying goal taken away. Terrible, terrible call. But that happens.
Refs didn't torch Brent Johnson for three straight goals.
Nice little break for the Pens. Might be much needed.
Florida on Monday.
Right off the bat, everyone's questions are answered as it's revealed the Crosby still has his mustache.  
The Rags get a decent start, but Johnson is solid.  Malkin draws a penalty.  Pens powerplay.  Malkin with a big shot, but Lundqvist stops it.  Callahan gets in the way of a Letang shot and appears to hurt himself.  Looks like the puck hit him in the hand. So stupid to try and block that shot.
Back-and-forth game for a while, then Letang takes a penalty.  Johnson holds the fort and the penalty is killed.  
Dan Boyle takes a penalty and the Pens get a power play.
Rangers get a two-on-one shorthanded, but Letang with an insane defensive effort to bail the Pens out.
Back in the Rangers zone, Malkin with a huge slapshot.  This is a pretty poor power play attempt.
The penalty ends, and the Pens decide to put on some pressure.  The third and fourth lines are on fire.  Michalek is solid.  The crowd comes alive.  Finally the Rangers clear it, but Letang is on all kinds of acid, hitting Avery twice.  It's back in the Rangers' end and there's some more serious pressure.  Lundqvist holds the Rangers in while the rest of their team falls apart.
The Pens did everything but score during that last few minutes.
They head right back.  Geno to Sid to Geno… what a move.  Goal.
Lundqvist cries on the ice.  Sid's point streak continues.  Malkin is back in form.  One of the best things about him back is that while Crosby is being double-teamed, he has room to play.  It keeps teams in check.
Period Recap: The Pens put the pedal down and just dominated for the last few minutes.  Nice to have Geno back.
Malkin and Crosby with a two-on-one that looks dangerous, but it doesn't amount to anything. 
Guess Lundqvist can do whatever he wants. He plays the puck outside the triangle. No call.
News breaks: Callahan broke his hand blocking the Letang shot.
They hit the post.  This line is just non-stop.  The fourth line keeps the pressure on, and this is starting to look like the end of the first period. These energy lines really help turn the tide for the Pens.  What a valuable asset to have if they can keep it up.  They exemplify exactly what this Penguins team is all about.
Fedotenko gets the puck, but then realizes he's playing in Pittsburgh and he shoots it right at the goalie.  Malkin gets a lead pass, but he's offside. 
The Rangers get a chance in front, but Malkin takes it away.  He's definitely healthier than he's been all season.  You can see it in his play.
Some good work by Cooke and it goes back to Letang.  Another hard shot by him.  No hands are broken this time.  Cooke gets two minutes for being Matt Cooke.  Rangers power play.
The Rangers hit the puck with a high stick and then they don't want to touch it.  All they're doing is draining time from their own power play. The Pens let it sit there for a while. 
Crosby with a possible chance as the power play runs out.  Nothing happens.  They keep it in for a while and generate a bit of pressure.
Avery gets a penalty.  He scrums with Talbot.  Penguins power play.
Malkin tries a move, but it's taken from him.  The Pens get it back.  They go offside.  Again, not much happening on this power play. Marc Staal is nasty
Tick, tick, tick.  That's the sound of this joke being run into the ground.
The Pens get some pressure once again.
Fedotenko takes Letang down.  It's the most impact he's had in Pittsburgh in over a year.  Time expires.
Period Recap: The Pens need to put this one away.  They're letting the Rangers hang around too long.
Gaborik with a terrible turnover. Torts gets pissed at him. Horrible play. But Stunnedqvist makes a save.
Slow start to the third.


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Avery and Asham throw down. Avery is the master of the turtle. He grabs onto Asham the whole time. Lovejoy makes a big time play.

Fedotenko gets a two-on-one. And he almost paralyzes himself.  Really weird. He sucks.

Kris Letang played a bizarre third period.

Malkin makes some big time move on the other end, but misses the net. 

Rosival starts trolling everyone.  Words can't express the hate we have for him.

Kris Letang has another really strange sequence. Brent Johnson bails him out big time.

Slowly you can feel the Rangers climbing back into the game and the Pens not really do anything.
Then the beginning of the end.
Matt Cooke takes a penalty as he slew foots the guy that lived in the van on Step by Step. You could feel it.

Out of nowhere EC phones home. 1-1.  Friggin Christenen.

Meltdown time. Rangers 15 seconds later. goal. 2-1.
Never can get used to something like that.
Pens settle back in.
Malkin undresses a Rangers defenseman.  Shoots the puck on net. Goalllllll ciittt……..NO GOAL.


The ruling is goalie interference

Worst call ever. The piece of shit that is Michal Rozsival bumped Dupes into Lundqvist.

Lundqvist gets that call we guess.
At the time everyone was worked up about this call. The crowd was pissed, so were the Pens.
Crowd rallies.  Malkin and Bing go after Boyle.  Fever pitch.

Then the Rangers score. AssToMouth buries one past a crumbling Brent Johnson 3-1.
Then the villain Boyle scores. 4-1 before anyone knows what happened.

—Can't blame the refs for this. jesus.
—Positive: Paul Martin
—Negative: Ben Lovejoy
—Horrible third.
—The eagles suck, but New York Minute fit.
go pens