RECAP: Near Meltdown in Motown. PENS WIN.

Actually, the title of this is misleading.  There was absolutely a meltdown that took place.  No questioning that.  You don't let a team come back from down 4-0 and just wake up the next day and smile when you see 2 more points added to the standings.

We're at the point of the season where certain things start to define themselves.
And a lot of "what if's" start getting thrown around.
Like what if James Neal just needed that shootout game winner to get going? What if games like the Detroit game are signs of things to come in the playoffs?  And most important, what if Matt Cooke didn't get suspended for the rest of the season? Maybe something is supposed to happen because of it. Or maybe the Pens will get steamrolled in the first round. No clue. But you get the point.  This is the whole premise of the "History Will Be Made" commercials.
The Pens winning this game was more of a relief than it was celebratory.
But anytime you can beat the Wangs in Detroit, it is a good thing.
At one point it looked like the Red Wings were about to stun the Penguins. Blowing a four-goal lead and losing in regulation would have been a blow that Pens may not have recovered from. But just like a few years ago, the Pens held their shit together, and were able to prevail in the shootout.

Never thought we would see a Pens game in Detroit where no one in attendance even cared what was going on. Had the atmosphere of that failed Kevin Federline concert.

Wangs were getting the better chances early.
Pens started pushing back.

Kunitz draws a penalty on that turd Wings d-man.

Pens use their shit from the PP to keep some pressure on.
They start a rush from their own end.
Staal carries it in, dishes to Dupuis.
Letang knows Dupuis would hit the net, so he's there on the boards to keep it in.
Eventually it goes back to Dupuis.
He comes out in front, and it somehow goes in.  1-0.

Staal takes some penalty. Pens kill it with ease. 

Late in the period, Dupuis puts a shot on net.
It actually hits the net, so there's a rebound.
Kunitz puts in yet another goal.  2-0.

thanks to Courtney T. for the pic

PERIOD RECAP: Jimmy Howard didn't look ready to play. Jordan Staal missed a wide open net after a sweet pass from Kovy. Kovy probably should have just shot it himself.  And even that probably wouldn't have gone in.

Pens were all over the Wings to start the second.
Tyler Crosby hit the post after a give-and-go with Kunitz.

Craig Adams threw a puck to the net. Goal light, goal.

Out of the corner comes the ref swinging his arms. Terrible sight to see.
Arron Asham apparently interfered with Howard, although Asham never touched Howard at all. Horrid call.

Wings maybe had two shots all period.
Johnson saved both of them.

Pens have to kill a Nisky penalty.
They somehow get an odd-man rush.
Dupes fans on a pass but gets it back.
Puts it home.  3-0.

8 seconds later, Tyler Kennedy turns it into a cakewalk.

But then Johnson didn't save one.  4-1. And for some reason this didn't feel good.

The Pens start icing it, Wings slowly coming around. Pens get a powerplay, as Zetterstain goes to the box. Worst powerplay in the business. The penalty goes into the third.

PERIOD RECAP: One goal turned the game around. Wings pulled Howardm too. Old Macdonald with an appearance.
There is nothing more ass-clenching in sports than when you know your team is about to blow a big lead.
And that is exactly what was about to happen to the Pens.
Fukushima meltdown city.
Wings just totally blitz the Pens, and the Pens come out for the third the way they came out to start the game.
Foopa makes it 4-2 only two minutes in.
Kris Letang is either drunk, or Brooks Orpik is really that missed.
Probably a combo of both. Letang gets some penalty.
Wings waste no time. 4-3. Shit.
It was only a matter of when the next one was coming. Kovalev gets called for some penalty.
Mike Modano from way downtown. Boom. 4-4.
Holmstrom hit Johnson before the shot arrived. Should have been waived off, but rule 234.5 was enacted where the Red Wings can't be called for penalties during a comeback.
Disco rightly calls a timeout. The Joe is in a frenzy. The free world and parts of Canada are loving the Penguins meltdown only because of this whole Cooke thing. Totally sucks.
But give credit to Beej. He made a couple of huge saves.
Pens finally woke back up and went toe-to-toe with the Wangs.
no clue
Kronwall makes a stupid play and interferes with Conner. Pens put James Neal on the point. Kris Letang forgets this and tries to make some half-hearted attempt to keep the puck in. Two-on-one.
Johnson half makes a save, and Vaginaapplicator half shoots it in to him.
Heart-stopping moment. Pens salvage what little is left of the PP but can't do shit.
Johnson makes a few more saves and the game heads to OT.
OT is delayed because someone throws a Octupus onto the ice. Should be a delay of game. What if the Octupus hits someone in the eye or head when someone throws it? And how come there is never any video of the person throwing it?
James Neal goes into James Neal OT Mode™ and makes things happen.
He almost scores some unreal wraparound goal.
But he didn't hit the net.
Everytime Zetterturd touched the puck, it felt like the game was going to be over.
Rule 235.4(b) was enacted where the Wings can't be called for penalties in OT.
Old Macdonald and Beej both closed the door. 
Such a shame it has to go to a shootout.
First three shooters in the shootout were Bertuzzi, Kovalev, and Modano.
No word if Mats Sundin or Dino Cicarelli were available for the shootout.
Bertuzzi missed, Kovy got robbed, and Madonna sucks.
Letang came down, and Old Macdonald made another big save.
Cleary for the Wings had his stick break on his attempt and looked really disappointed about it.
James Neal had a chance for the win. Do it.
game city