RECAP: Mission Accomplished. PENS WIN

It all came full circle Friday night. The scene of the worst loss of the season, became the scene of the most gratifying.
With the shootout win the Penguins clinch home ice in the first round of the playoffs, and are still very much in the race for a division title.
Islander fans are already in denial mode about the number of Pens fans in their house.
And that is not surprising because Islander fans are the dumbest in the NHL.
The Pens fans inside the Nassau Coliseum did a hell of a job, and to our knowledge everyone escaped in one piece.
As a fanbase we all are divided in our different opinions. But there is one thing that can't be questioned and that is our love of the Pens. For the brave fans that entered the Nassau Coliseum you carried the spirit of what a fan should be or at least what a Pens fan should be.
There was an injustice that was righted on Friday night.
Could not be prouder to be part of something like that. Hopefully we all can do something like this again in the future.
The Pens website wrote about it.  Two huge jobbers in that piece.
Unlimited anthem pics. Random choice:
E-SKEE in 303
Not shocking that there was a little boy in the Isle locker room.
The game didn't open up with any epic fight. It actually took a little bit to get going. Godard actually made a nice play that led the first big moment of the game. He worked hard along the boards, and the puck found Mike Rupp.
Rupp put it home. 1-0.
Then the shit started right off the next faceoff: Godard vs Gillies.
The ref is so pissed, probably because he knows he'll have to do work tonight.

Gillies wins the fight.  It was probably the only moment of success in his entire life.
The Refs do the right thing and give both players misconducts right away. They're trying to settle this down immediately.
However, that doesn't stop "Cousin" Mike Haley from taking a run at Engo.
Haley gets a penalty. What a cheap shot. Such a joke.
If you were watching the Islanders feed, they freaked out about the injustice of this call for two hours.
A little later in the period, Asham and Tatanka dance.
As for the hockey game the first period was basically the Pens failing on the power play time and again.  Watching the Pens try to score with the man advantage is like watching a cat try to read a novel. Aldo Montoya made some okay saves.

Only other thing of note was John Tavares drawing a penalty by snapping his next back. Dive city. Duchene should have been first overall.  Tavares faded back into the background shortly afterward.
The second was more of the same until halfway through. The Isles got a penalty and the Pens finally cashed in. 
Letang froze the goalie at the top of zone just before dishing to Michalek Island. One-timer, goal city for Michalek. 2-0.
Great screen by Rupp.

That's like the Pens first power play goal since the lockout.
Then it falls apart a bit.  The other noteworthy thing is that Neal left the game with a hand injury.
The Islanders finally realize they're in a hockey game and they mount some pressure on Fleury.
MAF makes a few good saves, but there's only so much he can do.
Comeau chips in a dirty goal.
The rest of the period was mostly Islanders.  The Pens got a too many men penalty, but John Tavares sucks.
James Neal isn't on the bench as we start the third.  More injuries?
We zone out for a while and when we wake up, the Isles score again to tie it up.
Comeau once again.
The crowd starts acting like they won the game.  Makes sense, since most of them haven't watched any hockey in years.  They're bound to be rusty.
It doesn't last long.  Rupp goes back to work and creates an opportunity for Letestu.
What a game for Rupp.
Job, job, job.
The Pens get into some penalty trouble and the Islanders start to pressure as time on the clock ticks down.
The Islanders score.
No, wait.  They don't.  The ref rejects the goal.  Something about goaltender interference by Tavares or the net coming off or something.  The Islanders and their fans freak out. 
John Tavares is so bad that he actually takes away goals.
It doesn't matter.  The Isles get it back almost immediately.
We're going to overtime.
It's a good thing the Islanders got a point here.  Otherwise their season would have been viewed as a disappointment.
No idea what this pic is.
Nothing happens for most of OT.  The Islanders get the puck by Fleury with the clock running down, but time expired.
That doesn't stop the Islanders from celebrating like they won the Cup.  Too bad the NHL has ridiculous rules like keeping track of the time left in the game.
Another shootout.
P.A. Parenteau sucks.
Letang can't score either.  John Tavares is up next.  To no one's surprise, he fails.
Comeau is up next, trying for the Alex Ovechkin/Idiot Hat Trick.  Flower stands tall.
Chris Kunitz is up next.  He uses Baby Power to bury it.
What a 'stache.  Pens win.  4-3.
The Islanders cry as if winning a game actually means something to them at this point.
Good Dog.

Not sure what is better about this stunned pic. The look on porkchop's face now, or the fact he will make the same face when his heart stops like next year. Idiot. Didn't know they have shirt sizes in whale.

One more game of the regular season.  3pm on Sunday in Atlanta.  The Islanders finish their season in Philly today.  If the Flyers win, they clinch the division.  Then…. playoff city.

Go Pens.