RECAP: Missing You. PENS LOSE.

Gutsy effort by the Pens last night. The best way to describe everything going on right now is that everyone is just missing Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby. Last year was one thing, but this year you can almost feel the letdown. And nothing can be done about it.  Yeah, woe are Penguins fans, who have watched an elite player wearing the black and gold for the past 27 years.  Regardless, there's a cloud of "meh" hanging around, evidenced by handfuls of fans leaving a 3-1 game with 6 minutes left.  Just very strange.

Without all the cogs in the machine working, it is so hard to get a good feel for what each player can do.  And it's hard to remind yourself that some guys may be facing matchups that they would not normally face. You really have to step back and think about that. And we're as guilty of this as anyone.

Basically, last night against Buffalo, the Pens almost staged a great comeback but fell a little short.  Buffalo was on the second game of a back-to-back early in the season without their starting goaltender.  Pens should've won this game, but they didn't. 

Quick thoughts next…


This was the first time we've been in attendance for a game this year. Crowd was reserved at best. But like we said, without the big boys, it is tough to get pumped. That isn't a slight to any players; it's just the truth.

After Jordan Staal scored, those people who left with 6 minutes remaining decided to come back. Just very confused about why some people go to games.

Under 30 seconds left, offensive-zone face-off with a 6-on-4 power play, and people were still leaving, their backs turned to the rink. We counted at least 20 people leaving. Come on.

We don't like it when people tell us what to do, but we're curious to understand the acoustic situation in CONSOL. The music and P.A. system is almost unbearably loud. It feels like you are at one of those clubs in Station Square.


Some game stuff:

New rule in the NHL: Buffalo doesn't get called for penalties anymore. They got away with at least 4 interference penalties.  They were the tired team, and this was a byproduct of it.  Pens couldn't get a call.

Marc-Andre Fleury was really sharp last night. Made some big saves.  Sabres had at least a half-dozen odd-man breaks.

Big goal by Jordan Staal. Some people are frustrated with Staal early on. Staal looks like he is fighting an injury or something. Just looks a little off. Way too early to start flipping out. Have to keep reminding ourselves.  So, Staal tried to kickstart the team with a goal in the third period, was 13 for 19 in the face-off dot, and we still feel the need to slight him.  That's where we're at right now, and we need an intervention.

Steve Sullivan has some moves. Really enjoying him thus far.

Stunned pic of the night via PAYD: