RECAP: Michalek Island. PENS WIN.
The biggest thing taken from this game is that huge erection CONSOL has because the new Root Sports uses the same black-red-and-white color scheme.  You can imagine their CEOs high-fiving each other while looking up stock prices or something.
As for the game, the Pens went in and took care of business.  Other than a two-minute stretch in the first period where they collapsed like a Puzz3D, the Pens pretty much controlled shit.  The segment of gameplay between Dupuis' goal and Michalek's goal was probably the most boring stretch of the season.
We want to put a damper on this game and say that we shouldn't be too stoked about escaping Florida with a win in a tight game.  But the Panthers had nothing but pride to play for, and they had nothing to lose.  The Pens had something to lose, so they most likely played a little conservatively.  That could all be bullshit, too.
So many ways to caption this picture.
Maybe some joke about how neither played in the game.
rabble rabble
Early on, TK scored his 53rd goal of the year on a snipe job.  1-0.
Then he mysteriously disappeared down the runway. 
Probably to send naked pictures of himself to Japan earthquake victims.
Comrie had a 2-on-1.  He lost the puck somehow.  The more important part of that was realizing the switch to Root Sports did not improve camera operation.  No clue why the camera zoomed in on Comrie as he skated into the zone.
The only reason the Panthers were getting scoring chances was because the Pens were committing bizarre turnovers. Then they used all those chances to gain momentum.  Pens were in their own zone for 30 minutes.
Chris Conner led a 2-on-1 and tried to snipe.  No dice.
MILF city in the gray hoodie.
The Pens were playing with fire and finally got burned.
Some guy that has a toilet seat or something scores.  1-1.
Mr. Wilson comes into the zone 4 seconds later and scores.  2-1.
Matt Cooke's punishment apparently involved playing for the Panthers.
This picture was taken like 4 minutes after the goal was scored.  Zero reaction in the crowd.
That guy in the yellow above Johnson's head might just be stretching.
Early in the second, Chris Conner basically tied the game by himself.
Dupuis gets credit for the goal.  2-2.
After that, there were a couple of scoring chances, but the game pretty much turned into a Tracy Chapman concert.
Zero penalties were called throughout the first two periods, and it's hard to even look back and say that there actually was a penalty committed that was missed.
The refs decided to start opening up some ice.
Both teams had powerplays in the first half of the third.
If you want to call them powerplays.
The best thing about Zbynek Michalek is how he waits in the weeds like a snake and then strikes when his prey lets its guard down.  This happened with about 7 minutes left in the third.  The Pens pull Johnson on a delayed penalty, and Michalek sticks his tongue out to survey his surroundings in the Panthers' zone.  Then he struck with lightning-fast tenacity.  3-2.
Call me Snake.
Granato and Bylsma.
Craig Adams and Mr. Wilson take penalties with each other.
Then with 3:30 to go, Kris Letang goes to the box.
The PK answers the bell, as the Panthers coach pretty much shits himself and never pulls his goalie.
He finally does, and Staal works it over to Adams.
Adams patiently split the uprights.  4-2.  Game.

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