RECAP: MAF-house on Madison. PENS LOSE.
Pens pick up another critical point. All you need to know. 
In a game that was critical to the Blackhawks, the Pens hung on to the bitter end.  In the years before the Pens and Hawks started shooting to stardom, we saw the Hawks as a mirror image of the Pens, in terms of building through the draft, plugging holes with some tick turds making plays, and solid defense.  The only parts that aren't similar: the egregious Brian Campbell contract and the fact that even some of the Blackhawks players don't know who their goalie is.  Can't really find a reason to despise the Hawks.  The Marian Hossa hate should've subsided when the Cup was raised in Detroit.
What we watched Sunday afternoon was an entertaining hockey game that nearly had everything.  Even without Crosby and Malkin in the lineup, the Pens coming to town on a nationally televised afternoon game is a big deal.
Marc-Andre Fleury was brilliant in defeat, and The Ticket Brett Sterling scored a huge game-tying goal late in the third. 
It was nice to play a game where there wasn't a lot of drama and shit.
We won't be able to say that tonight. Caps/Pens in like 8 minutes.
Caroline and Sam V.
Unreal atmosphere before the game during the anthems.
Half-expected to see a direct descendant of George Washington at the ceremony.
Puck drops, and Hawks fans reacting to everything happening on the ice.  Hawks testing MAF early.

Patrick Sharp gets a breakaway and unleashes a slapshot.
It basically hit MAF.

MAF had to keep making saves.
Pens almost score on a Staal backhand.

Then a pane of glass comes loose and hits some fat dude in the face.

The Hawks catch the Pens on a bad change.
Brett Sterling completely gassed and can't hang with Sharp.  1-0.

Pens get a 4-minute PP 'cause Sharp is a dick. If you want to visualize how Alex Goligoski played in the first period, go take a giant dump, look at it for 10 minutes, then eat it.
Pens can't get anything on the PP, and it goes into the second.

RECAP: Pens getting outskilled. MAF leveling the playing field.
Both teams trade powerplays.
MAF and whoever plays goal for Chicago shut the door.
Patrick Sharp dangerously hits Paul Martin from behind. No penalty.
Martin went to the dressing room but did return.  Thank Jesus.
Craig Adams doesn't take the best penalty later on in the period, but he did it on purpose because he knew the Pens were going to score shorthanded.  On the penalty kil,l Max Talbot and Matt Cooke came down on a two-on-one. Talbot with a nice pass to Cooke. 1-1.

Cooke being a dick all game. Huge goal.
Pens built momentum of the goal and almost scored again. Brett Sterling and Staal just missed.
Ryan Craig had some unreal shift toward the end of the period.
PERIOD RECAP: Edzo and Pierre sounded like they were trying to name every hometown, college, and/or junior team each player on each roster played on.
Pumped for the third to start. Blackhawks didn't seem to care. 
But then some turd got a shot to deflect off Michalek Island and take some strange angle to MAF.
He didn't have a chance.  2-1.
It seemed like an unjust goal to give up. But whatever.
Tim Wallace was everywhere. But then he got smoked:

A new rule that must have been passed last year is the captain of the defending Stanley Cup champs can get away with unlimited penalties. Toews mauled Goalagainstki in the neutral zone. No call.
Brett Sterling had a big-time rush, but he took a shot instead of passing to Talbot.
Can't blame him.
Time was ticking down, and just as you were making peace with a solid Pens effort, Tyler Kennedy got his 100th shot on net. Staal either fanned on it, got stick-checked, or semi-passed it to a spot. Out of nowhere came The Ticket.
2-2. Great play by Paul Martin to start that whole thing.
Blackhawks came right back. Kane turned Letang into a statue, but Tang recovered enough to save a goal.
He took a penalty, though.
Pens killed off some of it, and then Matt Cooke drew a penalty on Hossa.
Great work by Cookie.
PERIOD RECAP: What a goal by the Ticket. Gutty point for the Pens.
OT started 3-on-3, and it was entertaining as all hell. Both teams had glorious chances.
The Pens had a little bit of powerplay time, and they set up shop.
Somehow the puck found its way to Tyler Kennedy on the right side.
Corey Crawford was down.
Wide open net for TK:

The Blackhawks came back. MAF made a disgusting left pad save sprawling back to his left.
It was a adsfdsafgahfh;kafg;kag moment.  What a save.
Staal took a shot to the larynx somewhere.  Guess he's okay.
We're actually too scared to go find out.

Sadly, OT had to come to an end.
Shootout didn't seem right.
Better than a tie.  It'd be like kissing your sister, which sucks.
Unless your sister is Liesl from The Sound of Music.
The Hills Are Alive

First up in the fart dance was Jonathan Toews.
He barely tries.

First up for the Pens was Dupuis.  Guaranteed he came down trying to show the same move he did on 24/7, since the Blackhawks goalie most likely watched it.  Dupes came down, faked the move, and had an open net.  Hits the post.

Then it was Patrick Sharp.
Tried to make some move.  Nope.

Kris Letang comes down and whatev.

Then it was Patrick Kane time.
He was close to scoring unreal goals all game.
Only fitting that he tears MAF's sac on a deke.  1-0.
 A few things about this pic.
1.Girl on the far right. Creepy. Looking right at you.
2. Little kid on the far left. man.

Apparently Tyler Kennedy was up next.
Should've been Sterling.  Game. Cherry sucks. Conner had a silently solid game. still just doing his job back there. strange pics from this game. The look on some of the players faces is so weird.
The Toews face:

 Evil Cooke: