RECAP: Living Young, Wild, and Malkin. PENS WIN.
With all the Crosby shit over All Star Weekend and then a semi-impromptu Crosby press conference with the Canadian media in town, the Pens fan base wanted nothing more than for the team to get back to playing some hockey.  And so they did.  And it didn't look good at all.  The game didn't even feel close, and the Pens (and especially Fleury) were doing just enough to keep Toronto in their sights. 
Then 6 minutes into the third, the Leafs scored 2 goals in 19 seconds to make it 4-1. 
Things were bad.  Steigerwald and Errey were already talking about how Kessel "had to pay" for something.  Then 2 minutes after the Leafs went up 4-1, some Leaf made a bizarre mistake and Sullivan had a highway down the right wing.  He decided to blast one past the Monster to make it 4-2.  The crowd was back into it.  There was still unlimited time left.

The refs forgot they weren't allowed to call penalties on the Leafs, and the Pens got a huge PP.  They didn't score on it but gained momentum.  Fifth Avenue Joe was determined to bring the Pens even closer and made it 4-3 with 5 minutes left.

Then Malkin tied it with 6.6 seconds left with a deflection off the "A" on his chest.   After an insane overtime,  Malkin scored in the shootout and no clue what Phil Kessel was doing.  The shootout win capped off one of the best Pens comebacks in recent memory.

Unbelievable start to the second half of the season. Pulling these 2 points from the depths of Hell will come back to help the Pens.

Pens are in Toronto tonight.  Should be interesting.

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Pens were rusty as shit in the first few. Toronto was balls to the wall. No idea when Phil Kessel got so fast.  Pretty much every Leaf player has speed.

Crosby's bizarre press conference was still in the air, but the Leafs scored, and that snapped things back into perspective. But wait. The goal got called off because the refs said Lupul interfered with MAF:

Yeah, that is an awful call. Listen to how jammed up the TSN guys get.

The Leafs dominated the play for the entirety of the first period. Paul Martin got destroyed by Kadri, and Matt Cooke tried to hit that dude who jobbed Neal.

Cooke and Phaneuf had their own personal Royal Rumble behind Fleury late in the period. But that was it.

MISC: Pens had to kill two penalties. Toronto came into the game with a two-game streak of not being called for a penalty.

The second period was a nightmare. Paul Martin had a really, really tough night. He had a bunch of turnovers, and then he forgot how to play defense:

( vid via Mike W.)

Grabovski had all day. 1-0.

Really tough to watch. Martin's battle level was extremely low after that puck got around the net. Malkin was deep, Michalek had to guard two guys in front. Yikes. We're not picking on Paul Martin.  The Paul Martin Defense Alliance is quick to ignore the mistakes or say they are blown out of proportion.  He's going to make some unreal play in a big game; we know it. But Jesus.

It got worse for the Pens. Matt Cooke tried some chip to Malkin, and it didn't work. Toronto broke it up and went the other way. Grabovski scored an absolute sick goal. Straight snipe. 2-0.

The Leafs were just flying.  We can't remember the Penguins giving up so many odd-man breaks in one game all season. Grabovski and Kulemin had a 2-on-none, but the puck didn't settle for Kulemin.

[ Pic via Stephen P.]

MAF did everything he could to keep it at 2-0.

After getting stormed out of the building, the Pens finally got a break. The Internet stood still as it looked like Paul Martin scored a goal, effectively putting $60 into the hands of some lucky soul, but Matt Cooke deflected it in. 


Just like that, the Pens were back in it. Didn't seem right, but whatever.

Pens were slowly waking up. But then Matt Cooke took a really bad penalty. Toronto wasted little time. 3-1.

19 seconds later, Paul Martin had a meltdown:

( vid via Mike W.)

1. Get rid of the puck, Paul.
2. Jesus.
3. 4-1.

It's Tuesday night.  Bed was a viable option. 

But then a funny thing happened on the way to looking up some porn. About two minutes after the MacArthur goal, Steve Sullivan forces some dude to collapse. He walks in and blasts a shot past Gustavsson.


A really special performance by Steve Sullivan in this one.

Pens had a little bit of life. MAF earned his money tonight again, keeping the score at 4-2.  A big moment came when MAF had to come out and beat some Leaf to a puck and ended up tripping him.  The puck jumped out to Doug Gilmour, but Letang was manning the net in MAF's absence and kept it out.  Later in that sequence, the Pens drew a penalty.

That powerplay had tons of chances but couldn't score.  The momentum was building, though. And then Fifth Ave Joe Vitale showed up. He worked his ass off, found a loose puck. 4-3.

Time was the biggest enemy now.  5:00 left.

Under a minute to play, the Pens pulled MAF. The Pens haven't tied a game late since the Guerin goal we feel.  Was MAF pulled when they tied the Kings game this season? who cares

Gustavsson messes up with the puck, and somehow it stayed in the Leafs' zone. Letang made some unrealistic play and flipped it to Sulllivan. Sullivan to Neal.

Neal just smokes it to the net:

The puck deflects off of Malkin high and right into the net.  No clue what The Monster was all jammed up about after the goal.

6.6 seconds left.

An improbable point had been more than earned.

The Monster vs. the Flower in the overtime. Each had to make an unrealistic save.
MAF made his save on Tim Connolly, point-blank, in your mouth.
The Monster made a sprawling save on Letang as OT ended.
Neither team had any other remarkable chances.
Wish the game was just five minutes longer.
Steve Sullivan dangled for like a minute in the OT.

–Letang vs. the Monster.  Monster wins.

–Flower vs. Grabovski.  Flower.

–Malkin vs Monster:



–Kadri vs. MAF.  All MAF.

–Kunitz vs. The Monster for the game.  No dice.

–Phil Kessel vs. MAF for the game.

Yeah, get real.





  • Pens wore white because Toronto asked them too apparently. According to Phil Borque, the Pens will wear white at home against columbus
  • Brent Johnson gets the start tonight?
  • Colin Mcdonald > Eric Tangradi. Sorry 
  • Engo looked like he got killed towards the end of the game. He collided with Mike Brown. Would not be surprised if he isn't in the lineup tonight.