RECAP: Game Two: Lightning Strike Back. PENS LOSE.

Iceburgh had no idea what was coming.

If the Pens win this game, the series was all but over. But they didn't. Tampa took care of business.
Nothing else to know. This is a playoff series. It is up and down. One night you are planning a Cup run, the next night you are planning an April vacation.
If you didn't know any of this, now you do.  It's only going to get worse.
One thing to ask. Does this feel a little bit like the Montreal series from last year? Lightning rope-a-doped the entire game. Pens had unlimited shots, but none were even that good. Powerplay is 0-for-13 on the series thus far.  Come on.

Great start.  Crowd was insane.
Kennedy and Kunitz had a 2-on-1.
Kennedy tried to snipe.  Save.

Then Lundin falls for some reason.
Like he's been playing hockey for 8 minutes.

Talbot slashes some guy in the sac off a faceoff and goes to the box.
Tampa power play was short-lived because St. Louis sought retribution against the dentist, and he goes to the box.

On the 4-on-4, Lightning get a 2-on-1.
Eric Brewer snipes MAF.  1-0.
Probably not the pic.  Not that it matters.

Neal started showing some flashes of whatever.
Lightning go off for too many men.
Power play looked like Battlefield Earth.
Then Staal boarded someone.

And the Lightning score.  2-0.  As Mike Colligan said, Stamkos was placed on the right point to get him away from Michalek.  Pens didn't gameplan for that look.
Those socks are embarrassing.

Kovalev goes for high-sticking someone.
Pens kill it.

By the end of the first, the Lightning had scored again.
The puck bounced over Martin's stick.  3-0.
We're guessing this is Nate Thompson.  who knows.

Pens get a late PP.
Yeah right.
Not even 10 seconds into the period, Malone goes off for being a dick.
Ref puts the PP out of its misery by calling a penalty on Letang.
All killed.

Then Kunitz takes a stick to the face.
Pens power play was ass.

Before the period reached 10 minutes, Rupp Asham Adams of all people answer the bell.  Roloson gets stuck with the puck in the no-play zone, and he paid for it.  3-1.

The crowd was back. Tampa was already playing not to lose.  The Pens kept coming.  Tampa running around everywhere.  Rope-a-dope in full effect.

Late in the period, Michalek loses his stick with Tampa charging.
He uses whatever he can to thwart the scoring chance. Man.

Orpik goes off late in the second for a crosscheck.
The whole second period goes to shit when Tampa scores.  4-1.
Game was over as soon as St. Louis scored at the end of the second.
See ya in Tampa.
-Lightning came out and wanted it more.  Case closed.
-And, no, Brent Johnson isn't starting Monday.