RECAP: Last Train to Kesselville. PENS LOSE.
So many people getting laid in Toronto after this game. The main battle here was Neal vs. Kessel.  Both came in tied for the league lead in goals.  Kessel left the building all alone at the top.  There are some chirps about why Johnson started this game when the Pens had 37 days off before they play again on Thursday.  Very curious decision.  We'll take Brent Johnson as a backup every day of the week, but there's a reason MAF is number one and Beej is number two.
The bigger story from this game was that the PK gave up 2 goals in this game; that's more than they had given up all season up to now.  But, hell, the Pens PP matched it with 2 goals of their own.  The main difference in this game was the physicality that the Leafs brought to the lunch table.
On the horizon?  All of us can sit back and take a breath or two.  Two-game west-coast trip coming up on Thursday and Saturday.  And without games to worry about, Crosby speculation should kick up a couple notches.
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We thought for a moment that the game had been postponed and rescheduled for Sunday night.  Then we remembered it was Toronto. Probably having a special ceremony for every Phil Kessel goal this season.

Leafs third jerseys look sharp.  We got a good look at them when Root Sports had an iso cam on Gen Mac to start the game.  Very confusing.

Pens were at least more threatening than the Pens early.  Lovejoy had a chance, wound up for a slapper, but his stick got lifted.  Still managed to get a shot off.  Later, Lupul had a great chance on Beej off a turnover.  Huge save.

After a bit, Bizarro Dupuis hit Letang, and it was apparently a penalty.  Pens take the PP.  Sullivan hip-checks some guy.  Malkin set up Neal and Jeffrey with solid chances.  Mike Komisarek slashed Malkin like an asshole.

Malkin goes to the box.  Leafs delay the game so people can beat off about Mats Sundin.  Beej has to make a save right off a faceoff.  Pens lose another faceoff, and the Leafs score.  1-0.

Right afterward, Malkin sets up Steve Sullivan with a beauty all alone in front.  Sully vs. The Monster in a waiting game.  Sully releases it, but The Monster was there with his glove.

Later, General MacArthur gets a breakaway out of nowhere.  Beej makes a big stop.  Pens had pressure the rest of the period.  Nothing was going in.

Pens come out in your mouth to start the second.  They get some unreal chances.  Leafs head the other way.  Johnson bending over backward.

Asham was all over the ice.  He has a great chance, but The Monster was there.  Asham grabs the loose puck and shuffles it to the point.  Lovejoy gets a quick one on net.

Brother Matt puts home the rebound.  1-1.
Malkin goes to the box again.
Leafs score again.  2-1.

Malkin gets welcomed back onto the ice by Phaneuf.  What a hit.  Later that shift, Neal gets hooked up, and the Pens had a chance to get that goal back. So they did.  Malkin does a couple pump fakes, the entire Leafs team bites, and Malkin reloads.  Kunitz puts a rebound past The Monster.  2-2.

So we were headed to the third tied at 2 on a Saturday night.  Good times.

Paul Martin almost sent in Dupuis on a breakaway.  What a pass.  Then General MacArthur puts home some trash.  3-2.

Pens get a PP for a delay-of-game.  Letang gets jobbed, and the Pens get a 5-on-3.  Bylsma calls the time-out.  Emotional times.  Malkin connects with the one-timer.  3-3.
Kunitz in The Monster's mouth all game.
Leafs get it right back again.  Kessel left wide open.
Too easy.  4-3.

Watching the Pens furiously try to tie was glorious. Neal-Malkin-Sullivan almost score.  James Neal had a great chance when the Leafs were changing. Only bizarre thing there is Neal never looked up to see where The Monster was.  The Monster knew and surprised him with a double pad stack.  Easy save.  Then Neal knees him in the face, and that led to some 4-on-4.

Game went back to 5-on-5.  Malkin blocked some shot.  Game dipped under a minute.  Pens had some chances.  Nothing.  Game.

-Finally some rest.  Pens don't play again until Thursday.
-Letestu seemed to kick his shit up a notch.  Noticeable difference.
-Huge Link City coming Monday.