RECAP: Killing In The Name Of. PENS WIN.
Even though Wilkes-Barre has one of the best winning percentages in North American pro hockey this season, there's still some uneasiness felt when you see the Pens have names in their lineup that sound like mobsters and/or backup tight ends.  Pens lost Dustin Jeffrey to an injury, and he won't heading to Long Island for Friday night.
Pens didn't play a trap for this game.  They were all-systems-go.  They relied on team speed, some scoring, solid defense, solid goaltending, and great penalty killing to win this game.   Actually, that's what they've been doing all year.
There are so many players to assess right now, but we're reserving judgment for when the Pens come back from the four-game road trip on the horizon:


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Pens looked like that E.T. Atari game to start off, except they probably weren't the cause of a gaming-industry crash.
Goose Goes off for interference.
Pens kill it.

After the kill, Kings come in all alone on MAF.
MAF gets beat, and the Kings have an easy goal.
Little did they know they were entering the rocks surrounding Michalek Island.  

Michalek with a heroic play to save a goal.
Michalek points to Scuderi on the bench as the puck heads into the Kings' zone.  
The Pens start plugging.  
"The Ticket" Brett Sterling punches his ticket for the road trip with a snipe.  1-0.
Big time emotion after the goal, too. Brett Sterling is the anti-Chris Bourque. Man.

The game went back into Atari mode after that jolt.
Pens have to kill a Dupuis slash.
Michalek saves another goal somewhere.

Then the Kings score on a borderline offside play.
Jarret Stoll finds a lagoon around Michalek Island.  1-1.

PERIOD RECAP: Probably gonna buy a Michalek FatHead to sleep with at night.

Pens get a PP when Dustin Brown crosschecks Talbot.

Engelland and Garth Algar drop them.
Then Simmonds was being a dick, and Ryan Craig fights him.

Mike Rupp did everything but score a goal.  Great game.

Willie Mitchell slashed Letang at the end of the period.
Letang is a marked man anymore.
Pens don't score on the PP.
Period recap: boobs.  Pens outshot the Kings 11-2.
There were rough seas around Michalek Island for the rest of the game.
The Scuderi Archipelago was at the other end, calmly slowing down all the Pens' fiesty bastards.
Mike Rupp almost killed him:
In what turned out to be the final penalty of the game, Brooks Orpik went off for holding early in the period.
The Pens kill it of course.
Both teams were sniffing for the game-winner, especially shit got real in the final 10 minutes
MAF had to make a couple saves in tight.
Quick and the Dead was at the other end doing the same thing.
Kings ended up outshooting the Pens 14-8.
Both teams had bursts in the final two minutes.
Staal almost ended the game with a wraparound at the horn.
People want to be on Scuderi's sac about it, but that wasn't going in anyway.

There were some tense moments in overtime.  Stupid statement.
Ryan Smyth was being a dick.
Jordan Staal came down the right wing maybe 14 times in OT.
He was gassed, and Bylsma calls a time-out.
Disco comes out looking like a genius, as Staal puts home the winner.  Game.
In-the-crowd video from PensAreYourDaddy: funny is it seeing the media scrum around Staal's locker after games now? probably do a Twitter contest for which Penguin gets injured tonight. gets his 100th win. call-ups played well. Sterling's goal was huge.
Really like Nick Johnson, too. Not afraid to go to the net. word on Jeffrey. He went down when he collided with Johnny Quick. Kopitar is a smooth son of a bitch.  Other than that, the Kings weren't impressive. night on Long Island tonight.