RECAP: Johnny Law. PENS WIN.
The last time the Pens saw Rick DiPietro, he was jumping up and down after stopping Sidney Crosby's points streak.  The Pens hadn't forgotten about it.  So when DiPietro threw a cheap shot at Matt Cooke, that was the impetus that Brent Johnson needed to cool DiPietro's ass down.  It was the left cross of justice. Maybe one of our favorite moments in the last couple of years.
And this moment is probably a good complement to our post earlier in the week talking about not watching a game if you get burnt out.  But this kind of thing teaches you never to leave a game early.
It was actually a perfect ending to what was an extremely physical game for the Penguins and an overall brilliant game from Brent Johnson.
Max Talbot is playing with the entire chip aisle at the Market District in Robinson on his shoulders, and Chris Kunitz is on PCP.  It is all about stockpiling wins and points right now. The Pens have 70 points and are only one point back from the first-place Flyers.
Pens play the Islanders February 11.
Buckle up for that.
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Pens take the ice with a depleted roster.
We half-expected to see Dana Heinze skating around on the fourth line.
Jordan Staal's hair was wearing the "A."

Talbot has an early chance.  He probably fell.

Talbot came back later and tried feeding Conner.  Sweet pass, but it gets jobbed.  Talbot goes on a rampage like Denzel Washington in that movie where that girl got kidnapped.  Talbot almost gets sliced in the face by Comeau's skate after a hit.  All that shit sends Tatanka to the box, and the Pens get a PP out of it.

PP looked like Egypt.
Then TK gets the puck on an alley off Jagr Street.
Goal.  1-0.

Next shift, Tangradi, or, as the NHL network was calling him last night Tan-ra-graniti, carries it down the wing.  Eric P's erection takes away the pass, so he shoots.  Adams was there for a rebound, but no dice.

Pens were getting unlimited chances.  Kunitz carries it down and backhands one in for his 80th goal of the year.  2-0.

What a weak goal to give up by the DiPietro.

Tangradi gets another shift, dragging Godard around.
Godard heads to the box for some reason.

Isles powerplay takes a boat trip to Michalek Island. Killed.
DiPietro tries to fake his own death.

Pens head back to the box at the end of the period.
Pens kill the rest of the penalty.  
CONSOL plays a mean trick on Talbot, making him think he scored when he hits the post.

Tatanka sends out a smoke signal wanting to fight someone.
Mike Rupp comes across the plains on a wild buffalo to fight him.
Solid fight.

Comeau runs the train on Letang behind the Pens net.
FSN on the ball, showing Letang destroying Comeau earlier this year.

Goligoski gets jobbed, and the Pens get a PP.
Pens PP was making moves, but nothing happened.  Killed.

Conner takes it to the net, and the Isles take a penalty.
Jeffrey and Kunitz somehow have a 2-on-1 on the PP.
Unreal one-timer hits the pipe.

Then Staal interferes with DiPietro.
Tavares and Friends' boat gets overturned on the shores of Michalek Island.

The tail end of the second period looked like an episode of Alf.
Rupp goes to the box for jobbing Pokey Reese on an icing.
Not a weird play, really.  Just bizarre.  What.

Still a very close game going into the third, and Brent Johnson was on top of his shit.
Both teams had powerplays in the final frame, but neither converted.  And this isn't bowling.
Big hit by Cookie gets things going for the Pens. But no goals.
Brent Johnson wasn't letting shit in, either.  He got some help from the post a few times.
Too bad the net is 6'x4', and Johnson had it all covered.
Staal made a really sick pass to Cooke, but DP was there.
Late in the third, Isles pull DP, and Max Talbot goes big fly into the net for his first goal in 12 years.
Huge sigh of relief from him.
And then the shitshow begins. Under 30 seconds to play, Cooke is skating in front of the Isles net. He doesn't really try to avoid Rick DiPietro, but he doesn't run him, either. But DP nails him. and the Isles flip out. Huge scrum in the corner.  Engelland flies into the corner ready to bang.
But then the crowd starts to peak like there is a guy running around with a bomb on his chest.
You see both head referees make a beeline to the high slot.
FSN cuts to Brent Johnson flying in like a Black Hawk helicopter.
Johnson had enough of DiPietro's antics.
Johnny Law is here to pay a visit. The refs can't do anything. DP vs. Johnny.  Oh, man.   One punch. TKO.  DiPietro never saw Johnny's left cross. No clue why he was smiling. Johnson almost goes American History X on DP, but he holds up.  If you watch the fight in slow-mo, you can actually see DiPietro's penis fall off.
We're loading up on all the Beej photoshops and will post them later today.