RECAP: It’s always darkest befo– PENS LOSE.

It has been years since we've seen the Penguins on-ice product so terrible.  It's easily the worst it has been since we started the blog, so it's a hard topic to attack. The only advice we can give? Enjoy it. Embrace the negativity. Make some jokes about things, start familiarizing yourself with the 2012 entry draft.  The worst move you can make is breaking out the "I watched this for 5 years during the Dark Ages, so suck it up" card.  Nobody wins.
But the best thing you can do is starting throwing jabs at other Pens fans.  The in-fighting on Twitter during this game was glorious.  People were saying the meanest shit, journalists were going after their followers.  We're fair game, too.  Take your shots.  Everyone will be better human beings for it by the time the tide turns.
Everything has gone wrong, and in a vicious combination of poor play, injuries, bad breaks, and concussions, the Penguins' season has reached the sum of all fears level.
Ottawa really isn't even that good, and they were dancing around like the best team on Earth last night. But that is what losing does. It festers things; it builds on each loss like a parasite sucking the blood out of its host.
The dog days of winter haven't been like this in a long time.  The Pens have lost 5 straight.  Things look reaaaalllly bleak. If anyone tells you different, they're on some unrealistically high horse because they "never give up on the Pens."  Go to hell.  What a stupid thing to say.  You're not on the ice playing.  No one is "giving up."
Not even gonna discuss the booing of Sergei Gonchar.  Embarrassing stuff.
Here's Gonchar's goal from Game 3 in the 2009 SCF:


8 minutes